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H&M is undoubtedly my go-to store and that of many of my friends. It is the definition of fast, affordable fashion that caters for all ages. Over the past few years, we have seen the brand expand into home and baby wear causing a bit of a stir on the high street and potentially driving in a new array of customer base that maybe didn’t consider H&M as a shop that they would ever go to. Now moving onto the hero of the hour, the newly re-launched and expanded H&M beauty department! H&M has always had a small beauty section present in some of their larger stores. Yes, the items were affordable but nothing really to shout home about like that of its sister company, ‘And Other Stories’. Now with the newly re-launched and branded beauty department, H&M has really put itself on the map giving Topshop beauty a run for its money. The beauty department contains hairstyling, body care, nail polishes (in literally hundreds of colours), makeup tools and accessories, and of course my favourite items – lots and lots of makeup! Having to limit myself to just a few essential items, let’s take a look at what I bought.


High Definition Invisible Powder


I’ve always been a bit miffed by invisible powder. What does it really do? Is it meant to set your make up or mattify your look? When I came across this in the beauty department I thought, for £7.99, I might as well give it a go. This invisible powder is meant to be the last touch that you use to finish and matt your makeup off to reduce any shine (don’t use it like I did if you’re trying to go for the dewy look!). What I didn’t realise at the time was that finishing off your makeup meant after your primer and foundation have been applied and before you apply bronzer/ highlighter. After a few failed attempts, I managed to get a grip on how much was too much and just used the powder on the T zone area, which really helped control the shine. Would I repurchase? Yes, I would however, this packaging is not made for travelling and really is just made to sit on a dressing table as the section where the powder comes out has no stopper! So H&M take note (design fault), taking my powder on a flight and then opening left me and the bathroom covered in powder puff!

High Definition Invisible Powder £7.99


High Impact Colour Eyeshadow



This super smooth and velvety eyeshadow is a pleasure to apply. Unlike most eyeshadows that create a powdery mess, with careful application there is minimal loss of this shadow. The compact is small enough to fit into your makeup bag. I opted to try this season’s bronzy gold eyeshadows. The shades were highly pigmented, catching on the eye and lasted a long time (even when I forgot to use my eye primer!). So for those of you who have asked me where my eyeshadow is from… the secret is out – it’s from H&M!

High Impact Colour Eyeshadow in Chin Chin and Ginger Snap – £4.99

Mrs J’s verdict – Whilst I can’t comment on the whole beauty department, of what I have seen on the makeup side, I have been very impressed (especially with the eyeshadows). Will I be going back? Hell yes! Question is what colours should I test out next?

Have you tried anything from the new H&M Beauty Department?

Mrs J xx


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