Indulge in the Super Spice of 2016 with Higher Living’s Golden Turmeric Tea

As super spices go, it’s all about turmeric at the moment that every health article or health food blogger is raving about it. This wonder spice has been used in cooking (the yellow powder mainly in curries) and as part of traditional Indian medicine and culture for many centuries. The beauty of turmeric, unlike other expensive super foods or grains that get pushed into the limelight, is that it is a fully accessible spice (found in most supermarkets) and that it is cheap! A small 100g pack of turmeric will set you back around £1.15p.

So what really makes turmeric a super spice? Well, containing the active ingredient curcumin, turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral ingredient. It supports the immune system, aids a healthy liver function, and improves digestion and general well being.

Now turmeric on its own is not a pleasant taste unless coated in a lot of honey and followed by a swift glass of water. Trust me when I was ill as a kid, it was a spoonful of turmeric and honey that my grandmother would feed me. Luckily these days brands such as Higher Living have taken this healing elixir and have created Golden Turmeric Tea!

Turmeric Tea

This turmeric infusion is blended with ginger, liquorice and rose petals. We all now know from reading the above the benefits of turmeric in our life, so how exactly do the other ingredients fit in? Well, ginger and liquorice are both known to have anti-inflammatory properties. I love ginger and regularly make my own fresh grated ginger tea, the rose petal I’m not that too sure abutter not bothered about but liquorice? I just can’t stand the taste of it and tend to avoid it when I see it as an ingredient in anything that I am aware of. However, when this packet of tea landed on my desk I had to take one for the team as I was intrigued as to how this Golden Turmeric Tea would actually taste. I, therefore, have to eat my words here (while I drink my turmeric tea) as I can taste the liquorice but it’s not offensive in any way and compliments and masks the sole turmeric taste. I can totally see why the creators of this flavour chose this sweet root ingredient.

Mrs J’s Verdict – When it comes to drinking tea, you either love it or you hate it. If you love it then you probably have preference on taste, colour, sugar/no sugar, and what brand to drink! Yes I am one of those picky tea drinkers and not because I’m a tea snob but more because I care about how the tea is made and not trying to preach here as I know that it’s each for your own. I tend to opt for unbleached tea bags that use ingredients to the highest organic standard that aim to be free of any nasties! It’s probably why I decided to try this particular turmeric tea brand containing my least favourite ingredient, liquorice! So, what’s my final verdict? Love it! Knowing the benefits of turmeric and the fact that the taste is okay, I’m definitely going to continue drinking this tea. Whether I benefit from it or not, only time will tell. Oh and if you’re wondering whether the turmeric stains your teeth? No, this tea is like any other tea, doesn’t stain your teeth or turn it yellow! But as with any drink (tea, coffee or wine), excessive use over time will have some effect. I highly recommend trying out Higher Living’s Golden Turmeric Tea at £2.09 for 15 tea bags. Other flavours I’m loving at the moment are Green Tea Chai, £2.20 for 20 tea bags (containing green tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and orange peel) and Sweet Dreams, £4.99 for 15 tea bags (made up of fennel, peppermint, lemon balm, linden flowers and lavender).

Mrs J xx

Higher Living Teas can be bought online, Whole Foods, Holland and Barrett, and other health food stores. 

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