Happy New Year – It’s 2015!

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Happy New Year to everyone! Whether your a regular reader or a newcomer to my blog – welcome!  As you’ve probably noticed its the 4th of January, which is why I’m a few days late on the ol’ Happy New Year post but never the less it’s here.

Over the past few days I have been gathering my thoughts on what I actually want to do and achieve this year and where I want to take Mrs Jonas Recommends. Already in the past week I have lost count of how many times I have been asked the dreaded question…. What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Answer: None.  This year I’m not going to set any. As traditions go my New Years Resolutions usually get broken in the first two weeks of the year.  Instead I’m going to set myself a few personal challenges/goals as below:

Learn to say no – One of my biggest problem is not turning down invitations whether it be family do’s, dinner parties, drinks, events, or work or blog related events. It is a long running joke between my family that my diary is always full, with no room for last minute meet ups..   Never saying no not only means that I am permanently exhausted all the time, but I never get a moment to myself.  So this year instead of teasing Mr J (as I think he has the same issue), I’m going to try and say no! and conquer the phobia of #fearofmissingout

Be on time – The less said the better on this point, being the topic of many arguments that me and Mr J have. Lucky for me due to my flexible working hours I am never late for work, but in my personal life especially when it comes to getting ready for a night out I do tend to faff about and lose track of time.  So this one is for you Mr J – This year I plan to be on time.  If that means I need to get up earlier, or leave the dirty dishes in the sink until the next day then so be it.

Bedtime Social Media Ban – Working in the digital industry I spend a lot of time on social media and the internet. Having my own blog has only increased the amount of time that I am glued to my phone.  Sometimes my day is so busy that by the time I get home the only time I have to check and answer back to my emails or tweets is in bed, which is a very bad habit and results in me not being able to switch off and sleep.  Therefore for my own sanity, when the Pj’s go on the social media goes off.

Read more – Growing up as a child I was a total bookworm.  Every week on my daily trip to the library I would get four books out and usually by the following week I would have read them all.  These days I only seem to be able to really immerse myself into a book when I’m on holiday, or a few times a week on the tube journey to work. So with the Bedtime Social Media Ban in place I plan to read more in the evenings and try and get through two books per month.

Cut out the Crap – The past few weeks have been full of Mince pies, cheese boards and gallons of red wine. Whilst all this indulging is naturally going to stop, the nations quest to become healthier is going to start. Not being shy to exercise this is not a totally new concept to me, however upping the ante and getting more serious about my workouts is.  So this year exercise and diet plays a big part, starting with cutting out alcohol for the next few weeks and generally eating better planned meals with fresh ingredients.

See more of my best friend – having lived literally around the corner to my partner in crime for many years, weekends were always spent on some sort of shopping or drinking adventure. Now in our 30’s with more commitments than we need, free weekends to live like we are 18 again are rare.  So Miss Charles if you are reading this we need to get in a reoccurring monthly date night and maybe even a cheeky weekend away!

and for Mrs Jonas Recommends?

After nearly a year of starting Mrs Jonas Recommends, there is still so much for me to learn do and write about. Whilst im no professional writer, author or journalist, I plan on improving my writing skills (so apologies if you have spotted any mistakes).  I also intend on sharing a little bit more about myself and Mr J on the blog.  In terms of the actual blogging part – You can expect more regular posts and more activity across all social media channels, along with more exciting exclusive product posts and special offers for my readers.  If you are not all ready connected then get clicking: email-Here, Facebook-Here, Twitter-Here, Instagram-Here, Pinterest-Here.

Happy New Year

Mrs J xx

p.s if you have something specific that you want to read about on Mrs J, then post me a comment or email me directly on mrsjonasrecommends@gmail.com

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