Happy Christmas Everyone!


The main day/event is finally here! So, here is a huge Merry Christmas to all the Mrs Jonas Recommends readers!

I get ridiculously excited about the festive period much to Mr J’s amusement or annoyance (depending whose perspective you are looking at it from). So today will officially be the one day of indulgence – Christmas songs, Christmas music, Christmas TV and of course Christmas food! Christmas for me it is all about seeing family spending some time with each other and of course creating some happy memories! If after your Christmas turkey and the obligatory Christmas snooze you feel like having an internet browse, then head back on over to the blog and catch up on a year’s worth of Mrs Jonas Recommends posts!

Happy Christmas All!

Mrs J xx

p.s I’ll be taking a few family days off so see you next week for my New years Eve makeup tips.

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