GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Face Mask

Ever wondered what the folk of Hollywood use to keep their skin looking fresh and youthful? Glamglow!

 Glam Glow



I really don’t know how I missed this one… note to self: naughty blogger must pay more attention to BIG things like beauty awards.  Glamglow is the wonder mud mask that has been racking up international beauty awards everywhere.  Founded by husband and wife due in 2010. Glamglow started from requests from the couples celebrity friends who wanted a product that would provide an immediate solution for camera ready skin, and they say the rest is history.

So what’s all the fuss about?

The unique mud formula tingles as it works to penetrate through the layers of the skin and drys as a normal mud mask.  Then once washed off provides the following benefits:

– a noticable three day glow that leaves skin brighter and more radiant immediately

– Softer and Smoother skin

– Multi – level resurfacing exfoliation

– Softened fine lines and more toned skin

– Relief for dark circles and pore minimisation

Mrs J’s verdict!

Holding the black tub in my hand really did make me feel like JLo, or like I had a little piece of gold in my palm.  I wasn’t going to get this wrong, as im sure I was about to rub £10 worth of mask all over my face!  The instructions stated to apply a medium layer of the Glamglow mask using a foundation brush, and then leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash with a circular movement to gently exfoliate the face.  I naturally didn’t use a foundation brush as who genuinely has a clean foundation brush ready to use?  Not me.  I used my fingers to apply a thin layer to my face.  What I didn’t expect was seeing chunks of green tea leaves appearing in the mud, resulting in quite a special looking mud covered face.  I will spare you the pictures as I did look a little odd. Then the tingling started leaving me in the slight panic of- is my face slightly burning or is that just the tingling? Do I need to wash the mask of…but I’ve just put £10 worth of mask on my face!  Not to panic, it was fine it was just the tingling and the magic happening.  The wet clay (with chunks of green tea leaves) started to dry.  After about ten minutes when the mask was fully dry and I could no longer move my face I decided it was time to wash the mask of.  I used a moist flannel. Big mistake as that tends to feel like you have taken a brillo pad to the face. I then decided to stick to the instructions (!), which tell you to use your hands in the circular motion with water to wash the mask of.  My skin did feel softer and brighter just as the packaging said, but more importantly it felt extremly clean- the kind of clean feeling you get post a facial but without all the red patches.  The one thing that didn’t disappear was the dark circles under my eyes, now I wasn’t expecting a miracle but i’m guessing that over time these will reduce (just need to get some more sleep). So the burning question will I be repurchasing?  yes  and i’ll be upgrading to a big pot!

To get your hands on a GlAMGLOW Youth Tingleexfoliate Mud Face Mask for £49.99 click here.

To View the GLAMGLOW full range click here

Mrs J xx

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