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We’ve all been guilty of getting stuck in a style rut at some point in our lives. Whether it be having the same haircut since we were sixteen,  keeping that fashionable item of clothing (that can only be worn as fancy dress now), or leaving the house looking like a 5 year old painted your face.  This is where Boot’s #GiveItAGoDaily can save the day.  #GiveItAGoDaily is the new initiative from boots to inspire and challenge us all to try something new or #GiveItAGoDaily!  From trying a new hairstyle, eye shadow or cream to even changing your toothbrush, the options are endless.  With handy tips and tutorials and inspiration online there’s no reason not to #GiveItAGoDaily.

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To check out the #GiveItAGoDaily challenge for yourselves click here.

So when I stumbled upon the #giveitago event by Boots, I was forced to take a trip down makeup memory lane.  I’ve had a love hate relationship with makeup from my early days when there wasn’t must on offer for the darker skin tones, so I think I spent a lot of my teens looking slightly geisha like – why did no one tell me?

My 20’s – the years of going out partying and having fun. The 20’s started out what I can only describe as exploding rainbow of colour! Me and my friends wore bright eye shadow, bright lips and even brighter nails! Now I would share pictures with you but with the threat of having these lovely ladies disown me it’s a risk that I cannot take!

Then came the 30’s. Technically this era started from the late 20’s, but that’s just a minor detail. The 30’s brought confidence, the right foundation shade and a larger disposable income! That always helps as makeup buying became quality not quantity, but born was the danger to stick to the same brands, products and style that we have used for the last ten years.

With 28 ways to #giveitago there is simply no excuse to remain in the rut.  Why not try a new shade of lipstick or nail varnish? Try changing your hairstyle to the flick over, or maybe a power plait!

Now this challenge is not just for the girls, boys maybe its time to trim that beard , or pamper yourselves.

Here are my #GiveItAGoDaily choices:

Green Nails

Bright Pink Lips


Berry Lips Bundle – £21.97 Bourjois Limited Edition Lipstick in Violine Strass Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in Famous Fusia Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java

and the Turbo Topknot!


To recreate the Turbo Top Knot and buy the products for it click here

The Lovely Stylists at the #giveitago event tamed my frizz and helped me give my Curls a go


The question is what do I try next?


Mrs J xx

p.s #GiveItAGoDaily

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