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When I first saw the posters displayed on the windows of an empty retail spot that said ‘New Sorbet Salon opening soon’, I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical! Really, another salon in Muswell Hill!? What was Sorbet going to offer that any of the other salons couldn’t offer? Now I’m not a salon snob in any way and trying out new places and treatments is a part of the package of having a site such as mine. So bearing that in mind and wanting to provide you all with an insightful post, I decided to meet up with Ian Fruhr, the CEO and one of the founders of Sorbet Salon. I wanted to learn more about the ethos of the brand and how opening the first Sorbet Salon in Muswell Hill really came about.


The background
If, like me, you have never heard of the name Sorbet before, that’s probably because you have never been to South Africa. The story of Sorbet began in 2005 when Ian Fuhr’s massage therapist convinced Ian that South Africa desperately needed a branded beauty chain accessible to all. Much like the UK stands now, there were varying levels of choices out there for consumers. However, none evoked the high standard through a chain where you knew whichever area or city you were in, you would receive the same level or service. They are now known as one of the most popular beauty havens in South Africa with over 136 stores located across Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Hartbeespoort. The Sorbet Brand to this day is still a very hands-on, family-run business with Ian, the CEO and founder, running all induction training programs for his staff. His children and niece head up the group operations, group marketing and social media. Having started off as a salon business over the years, the Sorbet brand has grown and expanded into blow dry bars, nail salons and standalone salons for men – Sorbet Man! They have also developed their own range of products that can be bought in their stores and in Clicks (the South African version of our drugstore, Boots).


The meeting
Having already experienced a lovely treatment in Sorbet and done my research on the Sorbet brand, I wasn’t expecting the humble man who sat in front of me during our breakfast meeting. Ian Fruhr, the Sorbet Groups founder and CEO, was open and honest in how the decision about opening a store in London came about. He is enthused about the challenge that they were taking on to deliver the first multi-national Salon brand in the next twenty years.

The decision to expand into the UK market arose from the strong relationships Sorbet has with their key skincare brands, Dermalogica and Environ. Both questioned why Sorbet wasn’t available in the UK and thus, encouraged Sorbet to launch in the UK. Putting Sorbet’s incredible success to one side, Ian was clear from the get go that being new to market, there was a lot of hard work to be done. Not only from a brand awareness front, but in building up consumer trust and a point of difference from what is already out there. Wanting to start off on the right foot meant that they needed to make sure that their store had the right staff with the right knowledge and training in place. Of which why Sorbet openly advertises their policy, ‘If you are not totally satisfied with your treatment, you don’t have to pay!’

Sorbet Salons offer a variety of beauty treatments and services from trend driven manicures and pedicures to nail extensions, body waxes, massages and facials. Each treatment is given by a highly skilled professional and should you want to go away and use those products at home, each store is readily stocked for you to purchase those items in store. They also offer their customers or ‘sorbies’, as they are known, a loyalty card. It’s their way of rewarding loyal customers with points to redeem on treatments and first dibs on promotions and events. To view the treatments available at Sorbet Muswell Hill, click here.


Mrs J’s Verdict
Since the launch of Sorbet Muswell Hill, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Power Mani and a bespoke prescribed Environ Facial, both of which were carried out with the up most professionalism by friendly staff. The standout moment for me was during my Environ facial – the first of a kind for me! During the 60-minute treatment, I was probed up with a micro current for skin rejuvenation and experienced a full on face mask that covers both eyes and mouth. This type of facial is not suitable for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia. Whilst I don’t have a fear of confined spaces, this was truly a new experience for me. As soon as the thick gunk was spread across my face, I did have a slight panic. One, that my eyes were in fact open (which they weren’t) and what if I opened my mouth. The mask itself was only on my face for ten minutes max and the lovely Patricia, who carried out my facial, stayed with me the whole time, checking if I was okay and gave me a very relaxing hand arm and neck massage to pass the time. Whilst this particular facial, being the first for me, wasn’t the kind that I would fall asleep to, I think after knowing what to expect I will slowly relax into it. My skin felt super hydrated and soft leaving my skincare routine to reap the benefits of trying out something new and embracing the fact that I got that feeling!

To get that feeling yourself, book yourself in for the Sorbet experience here.


Mrs J xx

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