Get Scandalous with a bit of Red Musk

Who remembers White Musk? The iconic fragrance that was part of any 80’s child beauty routine.  In 1981 The Body Shop launched White Musk, the first fragrance of  its time to defy the fragrance industry and produce an animal cruelty free musk.

This year came the launch of the revamped White Musk Range, with sexier premium packaging, and brand new ingredients. To view the White musk range click here.




The Hot new fragrance has to be Red Musk, a unique blend of Tobacco, Pepper and Cinnamon.  Oddly the fragrance contains no flowers, however this strong yet contemplative mixture of ingredients provides a sexy, scandalous and feminine scent, that at £20 (for the eau de parfum) is a must have for the dressing table.



The experts at The Body Shop Christmas event were nice enough to explain the key ingredient of Red Musk to me.  After each ingredient sniff I was given a pot of coffee beans to smell, as apparently the aroma of coffee beans clears your nasal palate. Which believe it or not did work! The base of Red Musk is Tobacco which is most commonly used in men’s fragrances.  In Red Musk the right amount gives a slight smokey masculine smell. Next comes Cinnamon, an ingredient that I associate with food like apple pie and danish whirls. Cinnamon balances the Tobacco with a sweet/savory scent.  The final ingredient in Red Musk is Pepper, another strong ingredient like Tobacco that adds the relevant kick to offset the cinnamon.

To Shop The Red Musk range click here.

To Shop the White Musk range click here.

To Shop The Body Shop Christmas Collection click here.

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