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I often get asked what makeup I use and as I do wear a lot of makeup and write about makeup and skincare, you would think that I am well over the embarrassment of reeling off a long list of products. Truth is, with so much choice, it’s really hard to just stick to one brand. My makeup purchases have started to get out of control and I blame the lovely people at Tam Beauty. Not familiar with the name? Tam Beauty is the creative team behind the cult following Makeup Revolution and Freedom Professional amongst others. So, when I was invited along to learn about their newest makeup launch (available in Boots stores right now), I did have a slight face palm moment wondering how was this really different and what was going to make me put my other five constantly used palettes down to go and buy another one!

Makeup Obsession

Makeup Obsession

And here’s why. Makeup Obsession is cheap as chips and for a brand that is not premium, the colours are still pigmented enough to give you good coverage and really say and do what they are out there to achieve. If you have always been a bit wary of experimenting with new shades then at £2 for an eyeshadow and £3 for a blusher, there is no stopping you. The main point of difference for me here from other drug store brands is that you really can create your own perfect palette. I am a regular user of eyeshadow palettes and just like everyone, there is always that one favourite shade I use all the time and consume first and there are the ones that I never touch. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could have a palette where you simply didn’t just like but love every shade? (Oh god, I’m starting to sound like Simon Cowell!) Makeup Obsession palettes hold from 6 to 12 singles and come in a range of colours from Rose Gold to Black Matt at prices starting from £4. So, whether it’s contouring, strobing, or dramatic eye makeup that you’re obsessed with, go and check out the new Makeup Obsession Collection at Boots stores nationwide now.

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