Full Fat Lashes

Full fat you say?!

Yes I’m guilty of being one of those people who always ask for the ‘skinny’ option whether that would be a skinny latte, low fat yogurt, etc – you get the drift. This is not because I’m that obsessed with what I eat and drink, more of playing a balancing act with food vs my social life. So when I discovered Full Fat Lashes, I did have a little laugh to myself and asked, “How many calories does that contain”? Answer: zero! Charlotte Tibury, you are my hero!


Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Mascara* has been tagged with a 5 star rating offering you full fat lashes broken down into 5 unique selling points. Now I’m a bit of a mascara magpie and have tried some really good ones and some real shockers but Charlotte’s Full fat mascara gets 5 stars from me too.

Here’s why:

The Curl – the brush looks pretty standard as most mascara brushes would, but it’s the brush head with 5 different grooves that deposit the perfect amount of mascara onto the head.  Just the right amount is transferred to your lashes, lengthening and lifting the lashes as you apply.

The Separation – again the 5-grooved bristle head catches each lash no matter how long or short thus applying the right amount of mascara.

Volume – Now this is a personal thing because I like volume but don’t want to achieve a clumpy look or one that is so big that my lashes hit my glasses (as that’s just a pain to have to keep on cleaning). I felt that Full Fat lashes gave just the right amount of volume without the clump!

Length – The consistency of a mascara formula really affect the length that you get. This might sound like I’m getting way too technical but if you have a runny mascara, not much is going to happen, same as if you have a dried out one. But with the combination of the bristle head and formula, my lashes achieved the right amount of lash length.

Finally ‘Drama’ – with all the above combined, there is no need for false lashes (which Mr J will be happy about as he hates them! Weird I know but my husband has these opinions).

To get your hands on some Full Fat Lashes for £22, click here

To learn how to get the perfect Full Fat Lashes, watch Charlotte below:

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Mrs J xx

*gifted sample

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