Frustrated with the Tubestrike? Treat yourself to £10 off an Urban Massage!


Good morning commuters!

Welcome to what is yet another tube strike! I am in total support of the TFL Staff’s fair work life balance. However, the thought of a joyous additional hour or so added onto my detour around London is something I dread!

So in an attempt to justify having to wait at a bus stop and potentially get on four or more crammed buses (and got forbid launch myself onto a Boris Bike – we all know that the roads are not safe with me on a bike!), I have decided to book myself in for a weekend treat with an Urban Massage! This is a terrific brilliant massage site/app that allows you to order a world class massage straight to your front door. Urban massage has experienced therapists that can offer a range of massages from an hour or more in the comfort of your own home.

If you need to get over your long commute to work, then why not book yourself an Urban Massage too!


As a special offer Mrs J readers can save £10 off their first Urban Massage! Head on over to my blog homepage and sign up via the widget on the right!
(£10 off your first Urban Massage is valid until the 31st of August 2015)

Mrs J xx

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