Fringe Benefits

Who is feeling nice and refreshed after the Long Easter bank holiday weekend?  Not me.  After a whirlwind of visiting Friends, babies, and visiting both sets of parents you would think that I would sit down and actually rest on the Monday, but no instead I decided to do a bit of Spring Cleaning. With the burst of Spring Daffodils comes minuscule clothing and festival season, and if last year was anything to go by then there are a few trends that have firmly held their spot one being Fringing.

What’s Fringing you say? Sorry to disappoint this is nothing to do with physics more to do with fashion.  Fringing is bits of material that hang of a garment or accessory.  The whole concept of it does sound a bit ridiculous ie why would you want random strips of thin material hanging off your clothes in the name of fashion.  Yes I totally agree but whether you love it or loathe it, are into or not into festival fashions fringing is here to stay.  However I have to draw to the line at Fringed trousers (I am not a cowgirl people).

Below are my top Fringed items:

Fringe top 1

Black Lace Gradient Fringed Kimono – £28

Fringe bag 1


Asos Mini Suede Festival Fringed Backpack – £35

Tassel bag 1

White Box Tassl Gem Embellished Tassel Bag – £40


Fringe crop

ASOS Sleeveless Floral Cropped Blouse with Fringing – £25


Michelle Fringe top

Michelle Keegan Fringe T Shirt – £35


Mrs J xx

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