Five stocking fillers she’ll want to receive this Christmas!


One of my earliest memories of Christmas is not from the day itself but from my junior school days when life was a little bit less materialistic. We spent hours making crepe paper decorations for the Christmas tree and a stocking out of felt to hang over the fire place or at the end of the bed. Traditionally, this sock shaped bag was told to be filled by Father Christmas – or Santa Claus as we know him best – with chocolate coins, clementines, sweets, and maybe an odd toy or two. Going back to the present though, today stocking fillers have evolved from little toys, key chains and gold chocolate coins to desirable and useful items that are worth parting your hard earned cash for. Here are my top five beauty stocking fillers.


Crabtree & Evelyn Cracker

Crabtree and Evelyn Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy Christmas Crackers £6 – I love the fact that beauty brands have taken the traditional cracker from being plain old rubbish, replacing it with items that people really want (even with no paper hat or joke in sight), I will always prefer this version on my dining table. This year, Crabtree and Evelyn have launched their festive hand therapy cracker filled with three mini seasonal hand creams: Rose Pineapple, Spiced Earl Grey and Festive Fig. These 10g tubes are the perfect size to carry around and small enough to enjoy and use up before next Christmas! For more Christmas gift ideas visit Crabtree and Evelyn.

Nugg stocking

Nugg De Stress & Exfoliating Mask Christmas Stocking Duo £5.95 from Beauty Bay* – Face masks for me have become a part of my weekly routine and with promises of detoxifying, hydrating and brightening the skin, they have almost become an essential. Nugg is a brand that I have heard great things about but have never tried before. This cute exclusive duo has been created for Beauty Bay. Contents include a de-stressing face mask made with Coconut Oil & Acai Berry extract to help nourish, calm and protect stressed skin, and an exfoliating face mask made with Cranberry seed oil & Jojoba beads to gently remove dead skin cells. The result is a much-desired smooth and clear complexion.


Liner.designer by Beauty Blender £14 from Beauty Bay* – Wearing a top liner has been my thing from my early teens and I have pretty much spent the last fifteen years trying to perfect that flick. Yes, there are days when I achieve perfect symmetry but there are others where one eye is always better than the other. That said, wasn’t I glad to discover the Liner.Designer by Beauty Blender! This small compact comes with a 5x magnifying mirror and a suction cup allowing the contact to be attached to any clean, smooth surface. Holding in it a 3 sided flexible edged liner to help create whatever liner look you desire.

Pore Scrubbers

Precision Beauty Deep Cleaning Pore Scrubbers $6 from – If you are into electrical cleansing devices for that extra deep clean, then you’ll want to invest in this handy deep pore cleansing scrubbers from Precision beauty. These hygienic silicone cleansing scrubbers are small enough to carry in an overnight bag and brilliant for lightening the load in your suitcase when travelling abroad, allowing you to stick to your cleansing routine. I found these in a TK Maxx on my recent trip to Berlin for €4.99. If you don’t fancy scouting out your nearest TK Maxx, then buy yours at buy yours at for $6.


Polish Boy Nail Polish Holder – Lastly, we have the greatest yet simplest beauty creation, the Polish Boy. What is Polish Boy? Well it’s a Nail polish holder that comfortably fits on two of your fingers allowing you to polish anywhere without the need of a surface to place your bottle on. It also makes life a lot easier when trying to dig at the bottom of your favourite nail polish bottle by simply tilting your hand. And as its placed on the very hand that your painting on, you can avoid those annoying incidents where you accidentally knock your bottle of polish over. My particular brand was also found on my adventures in Berlin for €12.99. You can get your hands on one from Tweexy for from £11.95.

Fancy any of the above in your Stocking this year?

Mrs J xx

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