Festival Wellies by Aigle you won’t want to take off!

It’s the famous Glastonbury weekend and after watching Adele on tv last night yeah, I’m feeling a bit of FOMO! Music, friends, and nothing to worry about apart from who to go with and what to watch next sounds like an inviting option…oh, and the mud! Yes, you read right – mud! So, in order to correct this mud-less low, I decided to go and take the dog for a walk wearing my trusted Aigle’s and jump about in some mud pools!


Aigle wellies

Miss Juliette in the colour Marine/Rouge – £75

Okay, so in reality, if you’re at Glastonbury this weekend, you would need a full length version of like what I’m wearing – the Miss Juliette Aigle wellies. Otherwise, you would drown in mud! Now back to my wellies. These short ankle-length wellies are the perfect footwear for rainy days in London, at not so muddy festivals (especially the day ones) and during dog walks! Unlike a lot of wellies or poorly made ones that are extremely uncomfortable, Aigle wellies are made from soft rubber. That makes them not only comfortable but durable for everyday and fun time use. Not being that tall, I often struggle with trying to find that perfect boot length. I find tall boots too long while mid-length boots aren’t cut quite right either as I look just that tad bit shorter than I already am. What I love about these wellies is that even though they are quite plain, the curved top detailing and flash of red on the trim give them that adult chic (hopefully) trendy vibe. These boots are also lined with polyamide making them really easy to clean; they’re self drying and do so quickly. If you fancy getting your hands on some new handcrafted fancy French wellies, then head on over to Aigle.com
Wondering what else you need for that festival trip?

Festival favs

Well apart from a tent and a sleeping bag, if you’re planning on camping, there is a whole host of stuff you could take like hand sanitiser and loo roll being among them. Here are a few of my 2016 festival additions that you may want to add:

Aussie ‘Festival Fresh’ Dry Shampoo – let’s face it unless you’ve got VIP camping, there is no chance of you washing your hair so just spray in and carry on rocking out.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleansing wipes – means to an end when you can’t take your makeup off properly or just want to wipe your hands.

Polo Extra Strong mints as yes, we all get morning breath!

Thumbs Up Designer Nail wraps – a bit extravagant yes, but super easy to get that festival nail look!

Have I missed anything out?

Mrs J xx

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