Festival Fever Makeup Tips

It’s summer and it’s also the perfect time to start experimenting with your makeup. Going to a festival this year? Why not test out a few new looks and bring a bit of colour and glamour to what could end up being a soggy affair (let’s face it this is the UK after all).

Below are some tips from makeup artist  Collette Casey working with 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE and me!

Festival Make-up  tips

1. The Base

When going to a festival, think that less is more! Mainly because you don’t want to be carrying around a huge bag with you and second, because facing all the elements will make your face sweat a bit. Colette suggests using a concealer and a light weight tinted moisturiser to give you that natural glow. I like opting for a BB cream which has the same desired effect. My favourite is the Bourjois BB 8-in-1 creamhere.

2. The Brow Acuvue1

Brows frame the face thus should never be ignored. If you already have neat eyebrows then a clear brow gel can help keep them in place. You can read my review on the Brow Artist Plumper here.

3. Blush/ Bronzer


Next it’s time to add that ‘sun kissed’ glow to really enhance your cheekbone area. I recommend the No.7 Shimmer Palettehere. It’s the perfect multipurpose palette that can be used on your cheeks and your eyes. To read my post on the shimmer palette, click here.

4. Sparkle


 Next of course will be the eyes. Now most people do their eyes first to allow for any loose powder mess to be easily cleaned away. However for the purpose of festival makeup and makeup that will last, a cream shadow will allow for longer wearability. If you are a contact lense wearer you will save yourself from having to clean your lenses (or worse trying to apply makeup without your lenses on!).  Why not try 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® beauty enhancing contact lenses that are your perfect accessory. These innovative lenses correct vision as well as enhance the appearance of eyes – without actually changing eye colour ( for more info click here).

5. The Flick


Whether it’s small, defined or full like an Amy Winehouse style, a winged eyeliner can really define the eyes. Gel eyeliners are good to use when you want your makeup to last all day as they tend to be of a thicker consistency than pen liners.

6. Pencil Liner


 I have seen more and more people keeping neutral eyeliner and playing around with bright bold under eye liner. You don’t have to have blue eyes to wear blue eyeliner! Go on be bold and try it out! My favourite colours are electric blue and bottle green.

7. Bold vs Neutral


Finally if you’re feeling really brave wear this season’s answer to Winter’s Red, a nice hot pink. But if you want all the attention to remain on the eye area then stick to a neutral lip.

What are your festival make-up colours?

Mrs J xx

p.s Now all you have left is the body glitter and flowery hairbands to make!

 For festival goers who require vision correction, 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® beauty enhancing contact lenses are your perfect accessory. These innovative lenses correct vision as well as enhance the appearance of eyes – without actually changing eye colour. The unique iris-inspired design accentuates the natural radiance of the eyes, while a combination of light effect patterns helps brighten their appearance. More information available athttps://www.acuvue.co.uk/1-day-acuvue-define/define

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