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Farfetch Curates

Farfetch is one of the most successful online shopping sites in the UK right now. It represents some of the world’s finest designers and independent fashion boutiques. Thus, achieving that look and getting the latest handbag is a mere click away on your device of choice. Founded in 2008, Farfetch now hosts over 400 sought-after brands and has offices in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Porto. When it comes to fashion I immediately think of Paris, Italy or those cities full of culture and style that continue to inspire fashion on the catwalk that then appears online or the high street for us consumers. Decades of fashion reflect a constant recurrence of itself like the classic spring-summer nautical trend.  To create new looks and designers and fashion buyers are always on the lookout for inspiration in other creative fields – even in food. For example in 2014, we saw Anya Hindmarch take the well-known cereal brand Kellogg’s and created a range of cereal handbags! (Who would have thought it?) Now Farfetch hasn’t gone down the cereal handbag route, but what they have created is a beautiful set of coffee table and gift-worthy books all curated from inspirations from around the world that synergise with fashion in one way or another.

Mrs Jonas Recommends Farfetch Curates!

Farfetch Curates

Farfetch Curates Food – If you are a real foodie or know someone who is a foodie, then this will be right up your street. With guides to current food trends and recommendations on breakfast, lunch and dinner spots all over the world, this book is like the manual to the secret hotspots that certainly won’t be found in your travel guide. Whilst I’d love to jet off to some of the amazing recommendations in the book for Brazil and Korea, for now I’ll stick to ticking off the UK list of which I can shamefully say I have only visited one off!

Farfetch Curates Design – Whilst I’m not an expert in the design area I can appreciate a good building/ architectural piece, a good piece of furniture and of course dream to have a home that is worthy of appearing on Grand Designs. Farfetch Curates Design brings you what is trending in design – from the weird and wacky to the doable. For example: wooden roadside bus stops in Spain to masterfully designed boutiques in Berlin.

Farfetch Curates Art – Art is my weakest topic. Yes, I can tell the difference between a Picasso and a Monet and appreciate good painting but when it comes to having to spend money to buy art… well I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. This book starts with an introduction into art and the relationship with fashion, moving onto topics such as a guide to buying art and more. This is one book I will definitely need to read from cover to cover.

The Farfetch Curates set can be bought together in one set for £50 or individually from £16 here.

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