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The French are known for their croissants, berets and their impeccable taste in clothes. One that you may not be so aware of is their meticulous skincare. Now I’ve written about a few skincare brands here and there over the past nearly two years but, never one that is specifically on the market to help problematic skin! As with the majority of my posts, I like to give you a bit of history on me or the brand. Today we are going to start with me! avene
Many moons ago when I was in my teenage years, I had bad skin! For the majority of people who know me now, you may raise a brow but you have never seen what it was like! Treated or maintained with antibiotics, medication, and years of contraceptive pill, my so-called skin inflammations have been relatively under control. The last ten years or so have been what I would call normal skin, not flawless, but manageable imperfections that with any seasonal or hormonal changes would result in the odd spot here or there. So what happens when the unthinkable occurs? They reappear! Exactly when – while fully into adult years and when I should probably be learning to accept and grow into those wrinkles that are inevitably going to set in – does one stop worrying about those pesky spot again? Well you take it back to the basics! This is exactly what I learnt during an evening hosted by Avene and Hayley from London Beauty Queen, and the one and only leading cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting.


Dr Sam Bunting spoke about simplifying your routine and taking it back to the basics by methodically introducing ingredients that help your skin. Yes, we all need to consider other factors such as general lifestyle, stress, the food and drink that we intake. For example, processed western types of food are so bad for us that eat too much and you will see the effects on your skin. Dr Sam Bunting was also quick to point out that each case is different and what might work for some may not work for others. When it came to food, she believes in “everything in moderation”.

So where does Avene fit in?

Avene is a French skincare brand that discovered the benefits and healing powers of Thermal Spring Water to the skin. With ranges to suit oily, blemish-prone skin and dehydrated skin, Avene Skincare is suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

So what have I been testing out? I start with…


Cleanance Micellar Water – A no-rinse product that gently eliminates impurities from the face and eyes (including make-up and light, waterproof make-up) and helps reduce excess sebum.

Next is…

Moisturising with Cleanance Expert – This moisturiser acts on the main causes of spots; regulates the production of oil to mattify the skin, and gently exfoliates without stripping the skin. It unclogs pores and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Using patented ingredients, Diolényl ®, spots are reduced, the spread of bacteria limited and redness and inflammation soothed. Not wanting to use just one type of moisturiser, I have been switching it up in the evening to Triacneal Expert, an evening moisturiser that comprehensively targets blemishes, marks and the first signs of ageing. Those who are looking for clearer skin and anti-ageing care no longer have to compromise.

Mrs J’s verdict – now this all might seem a bit excessive, i.e. the number of products that I’m using but the message I wanted to share was: everything in moderation. Always clean your face both day and night and make sure you are using the right products. I, for one, was committing the ultimate sin of using a foaming facial wash not realising until that evening with Avene that there were specific ingredients and products that my skin was being denied from! Have Avene products helped? Yes, they have! Their active ingredients formulated for problematic skin have helped keep the chin/cheek area under control and helped some of the blemishes fade away. With the next month or so being full of indulgent food and drink, managing my skin is going to be a challenge. Nonetheless, I will focus a bit more on everything in moderation. I know my skin isn’t going to improve overnight but it is a small step in the right direction for what is right for me now!

For anyone who also suffers from any skin conditions or just the odd breakout here and there then here are a few helpful tips from my friends at Avene:

“Always use oil free, non-comedogenic, gentle skincare.”

“Change your pillowcases very frequently.”

“Keep a food diary to see if diet has an effect on your skin.”

“Always cleanse your face before bed.”

“Keep track of your menstrual cycle to see it it’s hormonal.”

“NEVER pop, pierce or squeeze spots.”

“Do not use oils, creams or gels on your hair when you wear it down.”

“Sun exposure can darken acne marks – always use an SPF emulsion!”

“Keep exfoliation very gentle; avoid it if your blemishes are open or sore.”

“Makeup brushes and sponges collect and spread bacteria – wash frequently!”

Mrs J xx


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