Drops of Youth from The Body Shop – Have you got yours?

If you have just woken up like me on the cusp of a Sunday morning, more like Sunday afternoon after a semi early night last night then you should be feeling a) pretty great and ready for the day ahead b) full of beans – you could easily do 10k c) I look so great I don’t need any make up.  If however you have woken up and none of those thoughts are entering your head heavy night or not, then you may need to get online and order yourself some Drop’s of Youth.

Drop’s of Youth is the range designed by The Body Shop to combat the first signs of ageing, containing Edelweiss plant stem cells that are renowned for their skin renewal properties. Oh and yes I said it ageing! You don’t have to be in your 40’s to get a few fine lines and under eye bags, that can occur at any age.  My first encounter with Drops of Youth was their eye concentrate. Not being one to faff around with eye creams in my morning routine, the roller ball application and convenient packaging was an instant gold star. The concentrate refreshes the eye contour area, useful if you have fine lines, bags or fatigue. My verdict – It’s easy and convenient to use and small enough to carry in your handbag should you need a top up during the day.  The serum aided my tired eyes and bags on nights where I hadn’t had enough sleep, and the cool roller ball gave my eyes the wake up call that they needed.  To read more about the eye concentrate click here. For and all over face concentrate option you can try the Nurtiganics all over face Serum here.

Being such a fan of Drop’s of youth (especially through the party month of December) I was literally jumping out of my seat last week when I discovered that they had added two more products to their range.  The first being The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask and the second Wonderblur! The addition to the primer family and sibling to InstaBlur one of my 2014 Beauty Hero’s which you can read here. It’s at this point that I want to state that The Body Shop were kind enough to gift me these beauties to review so below is my honest opinion of both.

Drops of Youth

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask*

Drops Of Youth – Bouncy Sleeping Mask.  Sleeping masks are all the rage, at first I was a bit baffled by the whole concept as my only experience of a face mask was a put on and wash off after ten minutes.  So the thought of putting a mask on for the whole night was a new concept that I wasn’t sure I was going to like.  As lets face it, as nice as your skin feels after face masks they are a massive pain in the ass especially the messy clay type ones.  Never the less I was willing to try this one out.

Userbility – 4/5. The sleeping mask is really easy to apply, and being in a wide jar you can actually see what you are applying rather than having to squeeze the last remains out of a tube.  The consistency of the mask is that of a thick hair conditioner, I did at one point wonder if I was putting conditioner on my face!   Each jar comes with a small spatula, which as small as it looks is really handy for scooping small amounts out of the mask while rubbing it into your face.  One thing to note here is unlike a traditional face mask nothing needs to really dry here – more absorb in. The mask is more like a very concentrated night cream, so after a few applications you will know how much is the right amount to apply. For instructions on how to apply the mask click here.

Packaging – 5/5. Why are all masks not packaged in jars?  I’ve given the mask a 5/5 as it’s easy to store (ie stack with all my other jars), easy to apply with the handy spatula and no tube means no mess!

Value for Money 5/5.  At £22 the mask in my opinion is actually quite cheap.  Normally for a premium range most masks are around the same price but only for 30ml, where as the sleep mask is a whopping 90ml tub.  As clichéd as this sounds a little does go a long way, I’m sure that even if I used this every day for one month there would still be some left in the jar.

Verdict – Suffering from extremely dry skin in the winter using this mask for the past week has been my saviour, allowing me to sleep while the magic happens and wake up with baby soft skin.  Even the dry areas seem to have reduced over night. So will I be purchasing this?  Yes! But I need to finish of the contents of this jar first.


WonderBlur – The primer that smooths the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin a flawless finish. Having used InstaBlur all of last year and naming it as my beauty hero of 2014 I was interested to see how its partner in crime WonderBlur would fit.  Could this become my hero for 2015?

Userbility – 5/5 – There is no real science to the application of Wonderblur, and its in a easy to squeeze tube.  Apply after your face cream and before your make up application.  What I did notice about Wonderblur was that it provided a great matt finish to your skin, so if your in a rush to get out of the house you don’t have to worry about your make up melting all over your face while you are applying it.  It also smells nice which helps.

Packaging – 5/5 – Yes it’s in a tube! Not eating my works hear but in the case of a primer the slimline shape of the tube makes it easy to pop into my make up storage box and wide lid means it can stand on it’s own.  Also small enough to fit into your make up bag.

Value for money – 5/5 – At £16 again its great value for money.  If you find that this is a little bit pricey then Instablur is a little bit cheaper should you want to try that first.

Verdict – Wonderblur is the perfect product to give a quick drying matt finish and one that I will be using daily especially on my ‘I’m running late days’.  Will I be purchasing it again? yes … but I think Wonderblur and InstaBlur will be battling it for hero of the year 2015.

If you want to buy any of the products mentioned above then here are all the links below:

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate – £18

Drops of Youth Concentrate – From £24

Drops of Youth Bouncing Sleep Mask – £22

Drops of Youth WonderBlur – £16

InstaBlur – £14

Mrs J xx

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