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The last six months has seen some of the most reputable brands launch their respective multipurpose balm and with so much choice out there, it is quite hard as a consumer to know which one to try or buy. Each of these balms has its own claims and uses, each with varying textures and prices! So how do you stand out from the crowd and create a brand that encompasses everything a balm should be? Well, introducing Dr Paw Paw, the 100% British balm made with Carica Papaya.


What is Dr Paw Paw?

Dr Paw Paw is the all-British, multipurpose balm that is the perfect handbag essential to cover all your skincare needs. With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, this balm is not just for beauty enthusiasts but for everyone – from your other halves to mums everywhere. Dr Paw Paw balm can be used on your lips, cuticles, nails, skin, hair, on dry areas, mixed in with makeup etc.


Carica Papaya – A nutrient rich fruit jam packed with antioxidants, and vitamin A and C amongst other fantastic ingredients.  The Carica Papaya aids skin repair and moisturises and smoothes the skin..

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil –  again full of vitamin and antioxidants, the perfect barrier against free radical damage and perfect for dry skin.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – A totally new ingredient that aid the skins ability to absorb and restore moisture, giving you that youthful natural glow.

Medicinal Grade Petrolatum

Potassium Sorbate

What makes Dr Paw Paw different?

Whilst Dr Paw Paw has the same uses as many balms out there, one USP that they do have is their offering of tinted balms. The tinted balm can still be used as a multipurpose balm that is also great for adding a bit of colour to the lips when your lips are a bit on the dry side, but wearing a lipstick is too drying on the lips. The tinted balm is also great at adding a subtle hint of colour to the cheeks to give that perfect flushed look. Dr Paw Paw tinted balms come in two shades: Peach Pink and Ultimate Red.

Mrs J’s Verdict

I totally love my Dr Paw Paw balms! Whilst I totally love using a natural balm the past few weeks, I have been using the peachy tinted balm just for a slight hint of colour on my lips. With the Autumnal weather and start of the attack of hot hair in every direction from office air conditioning and home heating, Dr Paw Paw balm has kept my lips hydrated and moisturised. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t used the balm on my cheeks but just on my lips due to the colour. The natural balm is great for simply everything! I like using it on my cuticles as opposed to using oil as it’s less greasy and absorbs better. I also love using a very thin layer of the original balm on my feet at night for extra hydration. With Christmas literally around the corner, I might just have to get that tinted Ultimate Red shade!


Dr Paw Paw Balms can be bought for £6.95 here.

Mrs J xx


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