Manuka Doctor the Nourish Range

This year has really been the year of the bee for me. In the past, not having really paid attention to the importance of bees and the benefits of bee products, it has been a learning curve of discovery for me. Along this journey I have found some great brands and sampled some wonderful honey!

One of these brands is Manuka Dorctor whose products are made from Manuka honey.  With a high quality Manuka honey being produced from their hives, it really does feel like you have bought it directly from a beekeeper in New Zealand!

Manuka Doctor also produces a fantastic range of skin care for all types of skin: Apiclear range to restore balance for troubled skin, and Apinourish to protect and nourish the skin. Purified with bee venom and Manuka honey, both are with powerful anti-ageing benefits. The Apinourish range is designed to protect and nourish more mature skin (I’m taking that as out of the teenage years and acne prone skin). The active ingredients of Apinourish help moisturise and hydrate the skin, increasing elasticity. This range is meant to plump the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
I don’t, in particular, over indulge in anti ageing products as let’s face it, we would need a time machine for that. I do believe in taking care of my skin and using non-invasive products, products like the Manuka  Dorctor Apinourish range with the ability to trick the skin into remaining youthful from its collagen and elastin-boosting properties.

So what did I try?


Hydrating Facial Cleanser – £19.99
Polishing Facial Exfoliator – £19.99
Age Defying Serum – £24.99
Revitlising Day Cream – £24.99

Mrs J’s Verdict – Whilst I can’t say that I now look ten years younger from using this range, what I can say is that my skin feels good, nourished and best of all, smells good. When you see products that contain honey, especially Manuka honey, there is the tendency to think of them being dark in colour with quite a strong smell. All these products are quite the opposite. My favourite had to be the facial exfoliator that has a white cream-like texture but contains the right amount of exfoliating granules that are not too rough or too smooth that there is no point of them being in there. The beauty of the granules is that the amount of pressure you put to your face will determine how deeper cleanse you get. The selling point for me was not just the granules but the smell which was quite a nice acceptable perfume scent. You definitely want to be using this product at night followed by a cream or one of the new Manuka Facial oils here. These I have yet to try!

Have you tried any Manuka Doctor products before?

Mrs J xx

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