Dine with Kyi, Burmese Street Kitchen

Looking for an authentic dining experience?  Why not try Dine with Kyi!
A few weeks ago my friend Olivia invited me and Mr J to join her and a group of our friends to Dine with Kyi.  Whilst I have tried, tasted and made a few Street food items over the years Burmese Food was one I hadn’t discovered.
Who is Kyi?
Kyi or Thuzar kyi is a British Born Burmese, self taught cook, Business consultant in Investment management and a all around inspiration to below average cooks like myself!
How did Dine with Kyi come about?
Thuzar’s passion for food started at an early age from watching and tasting her mums cooking.  This love for food continued through her years of studying.  It was only during her time at university that she really started to experiment and write down and all her mums recipes, creating her own twist to the more traditional Burmese cuisines. In 2013 Thuzar decided to take the plunge, keep her mum’s recipes alive, and give the pop up scene a taste of Burma!

 The tapas style menu was hosted at the Wells Street Kitchen.  It had a casual yet comfortable setting, the Wells Street Kitchen was a perfect setting, everything a dining experience with friends should be.  Loud, happy and tasty.

We were seated on arrival by Thuzar, and offered drinks by the staff at Wells Street Kitchen.  Each course was served by Thuzar herself, with an explanation on what the dish was and how it was made.

 We were even given a scoring sheet, to rate each course.  Some might find this quite odd, but it got our table talking and fighting over a few dishes!
The Menu

Shan Cauliflower and Carrot Pickle
Mohinga (Fish Pate) Canape
Mutton Curry Puff
Pork Salad in a Lettuce Wrap
Tamarind Chicken Curry
Yellow Sticky Rice and Caramelised Onions
Mango Panna Cotta

Coconut Macarons

If the pictures above have got your mouth watering then you are in luck! An extra pop up date has been added! For all you vegetarians out there do not worry, Thuzar can cater for you as well.
Date: Saturday the 8th of August
Cost: £28 per person for the Street Kitchen menu (including 9 different tastes of Burma)
Venue: Well Street Kitchen, 203 Well Street, Hackney, E9 6QU
To book your tickets click Here

For more info on Dine with Kyi click here

To Book Thuzar for home catering email: thoozy@dinewithkyi.com
or visit @home@yours here
What was Mr J’s favourite?  I will let you decide:
See you at the next Street Food Kitchen.
Mrs J xx

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