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After spending an amazing day yesterday celebrating my friends Kelly and Sean’s Wedding over a few too many drinks, there were only two things that I really needed today – a nice cup of tea and my Hangover Hair Shampoo and Conditioner – to rescue me out of the pit that I was in!  Let me present DGJ Organics………….

DGJ Organics is a brand that was developed over 8 years ago by celebrity hairstylist and colourist, Daniel Galvin. This was a time when organic hair care products were few and far between.  DGJ Organics strive to produce a range that is always apt for designer salon profession status while keeping their formulas as organic as possible.  Hence their products contain no harsh chemicals and won’t lather up as other products do due to the lack of foaming agents.

We all know what a hangover feels like. Well yes, our hair can have hangover days as well. With the daily attack of pollution, styling tools and products, and our general life style, our hair can start to look limp, dry and lifeless.  I, for one, can comment that when experiencing a hangover, a good shower and hair wash is the right path to starting to feel normal again! The Hangover Hair Shampoo and Conditioner range is a luxury solution that contains wheat protein, coconut-derived extracts, vitamins, honey and organic Lavender.  Each of these ingredients gently cleanse, detoxify and revitilise all hair types.  The conditioner can also be used as a wash out conditioner or for a more intensive treatment, leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse out.




Hangover Hair Lavendar Shampo0 250ml for £5.99 click here





hangover Hair Lavendar Conditioner 250ml for click here

Mrs J’s Verdict – I love the DGJ Hangover range and just can’t stop smelling my hair!  It feels light and clean, not over cleansed and I’m convinced that I get a better night sleep after washing my hair with Hangover hair products.  It could be that I’m just tired but I would like to think it was the aromatic smell of Lavender.

To shop the DGJ range click here.

What Shall I try next?

Mrs J xx

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