Daughter – A Book By Jane Shemilt


After seeing the poster of Daughter on nearly every tube journey to work I had high expectations for the Debut novel written by Jane Shemilt.  So when my friend Hannah lent me her copy I literally could not wait to get back on the stuffy Piccadilly Line for just 40 minutes of un interrupted reading time.

Daughter is every mother /parents nightmare of their child going missing and not returning home.  The story is told from the mother Jenny’s point of view, starting in the present one year after Naomi’s disappearance and cleverly switching back and forth in time allowing the reader to partake in solving the mystery.  The family seem perfect at first with the mother Jenny being a GP and Ted the father a neuro surgeon, all portrayed as your typical suburban family.  When Naomi disappears the cracks start to show and all the secrets of the family start to unveil.  The mother daughter relationship is very real and raw, with the power struggle of a young girl growing up and the mother wanting to control the situation yet not interfere.    Whilst being a thriller we can only assume the stereotypical ending.  But with every page turn came a different twist and another character that gets put in the frame.  I like the fact that Jane Shemilt a qualifed GP turned author was able to bring in her medical experiences and knowledge into the story to make it a believable plot line.  Jane Shemilt really did have me on the edge of my seat, with the most untypical surprising ending of all.  This is one book that deserves to end up on the big screen!

Mrs J xx

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