We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves


We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is a novel written by Karen Joy Fowler.  Unlike most novels the story is told in a narrative sense by the main character Rosemary. Rosemary has had the one of the most unconventional Childhoods that I have ever come across and is one of three siblings.  With the loss of her sister and disappearance of her brother, Rosemary grows up to realise that her childhood was used as a scientific experiment.  This story is not about a dysfunctional family,but more about an unusual family and their different views and versions of events that occur and affect the whole family. Whilst this book is fictional the family/ sibling relationship themes, emotions and struggles are those that appear in all family units, unusual or not.

The story begins in the middle, flicking back and forth from the end to the present. Karen’s writing has you guessing after each chapter … what is going to happen next.  Without giving too much away a spoiler to the story appears at the beginning of the novel.  If like me you were a few chapters in wondering if this was a book that I was going to be able to finish then believe me you will be hooked!

If you decide to read We Are Completely Beside Ourselves then I ask that you keep an open mind.  With parts that can seem a bit too scientific at times but necessary for the plot.  The story will definitely get you thinking on your ethical views, laughing and possibly even crying!

Mrs J xx

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