Colour Yourself Calm THE CHALLENGE!

Colour yourself calm? Yes you read right! This is the new trend that is sweeping the nation. Not one to always follow trends especially when it comes to fashion (I know what works as I am over 30 after all!), this one I had to make an exception on.



After hesitantly offering to do the weekly food shopping in our local supermarket on my day off, may I add that I thought it was only fair that I was allowed to add a few trashy magazines to the Jonas household’s weekly food shop. It was to my shock and surprise to find that adult colouring is now really a thing! Placed in shelving right next to the daily newspaper and taking a prime row in the ‘crafting’/creative’ section, who would have known! They even have monthly subscriptions to colouring books with free colouring pencils! Being that I’m quite a “stressy” person and find it near enough impossible to sit down and relax, I thought, “Well let’s give it a go!” Also because mainly, I can’t be judged by the checkout lady as yes, it says adult colouring book. It also seemed like a cheaper option to getting a massage.

My colouring history: Taking a step back into time of when I was a child and I actually did colour, I’m not sure that I really enjoyed it. I know what you’re thinking, not because I was rubbish at it, more because I was a perfectionist. If another child jogged me, or God forbid I went outside of the lines, I do remember that I would rip the page out of the colouring book and start all over again.

The challenge?

To colour myself calm! Yes this means candles on, relaxing music in the background, and not an iMac or iPhone in sight! This really is a digital detox. Twenty or so years on, let’s hope I don’t end up ripping out any pages as the designs are more intricate and detailed.



If you want to join me on my Colour Yourself Calm Challenge then head on over to your local supermarket and pick up a copy of Calm Colour Create by Redan Publishing for £4.99, or keep checking back on the blog for my verdict!

Mrs J xx

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