Coconut Oil more than just your average cooking ingredient

For all you healthy-coconut-oil-using cooks out there and beauty junkies in the know, you will be well aware of the benefits and the wonderful multi uses of pressed coconut oil! Having just stocked up on another tub myself, I thought a little reminder and insight into the multitude of coconut oil uses will turn you all into coconut fans!
Cold pressed coconut oil is 100% full of natural goodness, which means it’s free of any nasties (yes that means chemicals)! Having been used in the kitchen to fry and bake our food with for years, it is only these days that people are discovering its benefits. Rightly so, they are now turning to this natural product to solve and aid some of their beauty dilemmas. For example, Indian women have been keeping their long black locks conditioned by using coconut oil in their hair on a daily basis as a conditioner. They also apply it to keep those fly away hairs at bay and to provide a natural hair mask. Um, yes, once upon a time, even greasy hair was a look for me! My mum would oil up and plait my hair over night before washing it the next day. In the western world, shall we say coconut oil has, in recent years, become the healthy organic alternative to cook with; the essential oil for anyone on some sort of a healthy lifestyle. However, coconut oil (or its pressed version) is so much more than just cooking oil and a hair mask!

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Here’s some of its other usefulness:

Makeup remover – Due to its natural oil base, pressed coconut oil once melted into liquid format is great at removing all traces of makeup. It can even be used across the eye area (small amounts here folks).

Cuticle oil – If, like me, you either always cleaning (without gloves sometimes) or tend to neglect those cuticles, rub a small amount into each one at night just before you go to bed. That will soften the skin around the nail bed area and allow for maximum conditioning time whilst you sleep! Yes, wearing washing up gloves and applying hand cream will help but your cuticles still need some loving too.

Lip balm – yes this can go on your lips as well!

Body Oil – This is great to melt right onto the skin after a bath or shower when the skin is still soft and slightly moist. It may not have all the essential oils and jazzed-up packaging like a lot of the current body oils on the market, but it still is an easy and cheap natural alternative; a great and better option. Especially on those typical dry areas like your elbows and knees!

Face Oil – A total craze right now, you can use facial oil in the day before your moisturiser or at night on its own, or teamed up with a good night cream. Sunday Riley seems to be the face oil of the moment. And with sleeping night oil setting you back at £85, you really want to know your skin type well and be sure that oils work for you before such an investment. Coconut oil doesn’t have half the ingredients Sunday Riley has but if you have never used face oil before or sometimes do on the odd occasion, then coconut oil is your friend.

Intense Hair Mask – Lastly, we have the hair mask. Hair masks can generally be a bit of a pain as most of the common ones that can be found in our drugstores come with the instruction ‘leave on for 5 to 10 minutes post shampoo’. My question is always, “So what do I do then, freeze in the shower?” I much prefer hair masks that you can apply before a shampoo or those that you leave for half an hour. It’s something I can better cope with and don’t mind then having to tip my head over the bath to rinse out my hair post shower. The beauty of coconut oil is that it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment. My suggestions would be to drench your hair in oil and work it into your scalp all the way to the tips of your hair. Then tie your hair in a bun (if leaving overnight, you will need a hair scarf to avoid ruining your pillow) and carry on with the rest of your morning. Me, well, I can be found cleaning my home, catching up on my favourite vlogs or sitting with a face mask. The beauty is that there is no time limit for the mask….just how long you can tolerate leaving your hair all oiled up for!

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Are you a pressed coconut oil fan? What are your coconut oil recommendations?

Mrs J xx


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