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Today’s post is dedicated to some of my younger readers who have been asking me how to manage their oily skin and spots.  So whilst this post is dedicated to them, it is also a bit of a blast from the past for me. Clean and Clear was the first facial wash brand that I started using just before my teens when looking after my skin and the fight with spots began. Because of that, subconsciously, I have always associated Clean and Clear as a brand to be used for younger and oilier skin. Oh how I was oh so wrong!  Clean and Clear Advanced can be used by anyone at any age. Being in my 30’s, I can say that oily skin is still very much a battle I am still fighting.

For those of you that do get oily skin, do not panic. Oil is normal and a natural moisturiser for the skin. Hormonal changes and warmer weather can send oil production into overdrive, causing oily/ shiny skin and sometimes spots.

Most people with oily skin have the misconception that the more they scrub their skin and the stronger the products they use, the clearer and less shiny their skin will be. What actually happens is quite the opposite. The skin would only produce more oil to compensate for the over washing, stripping the skin of all natural oils thus making the problem worse. The effect is the opposite of extremely dry skin!

My advice, regardless of what type of skin you have, is to stick to washing your face twice a day. Over washing is not and will never be the answer. Always remember to moisturise. Me personally, the first thing I do once I arrive home after a long day at work and commuting around London is to cleanse and wash my face. Then I apply balm or night cream in the evening to hydrate and moisturise my skin whilst I sleep.

The New Clean and Clear Advantage Oil Control Cream Wash contains new powder particles containing highly absorbent rice bits to absorb any excess oil, keeping you shine-free for longer.  Clean and Clear Advantage Oil Control Cream Wash retails for £4.99 and can be bought at

What are your oily skin solutions?

Mrs J xx

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