Citron Citron By Miller Harris

Miller Harris


When I think of perfume I think of it more than just a fragrant scent in a bottle that releases a pleasant smell. I think of it as something that defines my mood or my expectations of the day.

Having a spritz before I leave my home every morning or when I have a social occasion has pretty much become a part of my daily life. That is because certain scents remind me of memorable moments in my life or of specific people that I associate with smells. Still, I’ve not quite established a ‘signature scent’ for myself as I do love to try new perfumes. As a result, my seasonal favourites tend to change but the type of perfumes that I go for remains.
During the Spring and Summer months I like fresh, light citrus and floral scents (no to anything overpowering and nothing that attracts a swarm of wasps). During the Winter months, I go for more heavier, woody, masculine scents.

So what am I spritzing on right now?

Citron Citron by Miller Harris.

Miller Harris 2

Having been founded in 2000, Miller Harris is the niche creation of Lyn Harris, the perfumer known to be aspirational in the creation of her scents. Lyn crafts beautiful fragrances that not only suit seasons but as well as moods and occasions. It is an expertise backed by her twenty plus years of working in the fragrance industry and training from one of Paris’s most highly prestigious schools of perfume, Elite.
For a citrus loving girl Citron Citron, captures summer in a bottle for me!

So what’s Citron Citron made of?

Top: lemon Sicily, orange Seville, lime Jamaica
Heart: mint leaf, basil Egypt, marjoram France, thyme abs France
Base: green moss, cedar wood Maroc, cardamom Guatemala

To sample this clean fresh scent yourself click here, and to shop the Miller Harris Site click here.

What’s your current Summer scent?

Mrs J xx

*Citron Citron


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