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If you’ve been watching or have read the news this week then you will be aware that yesterday was world cancer day and that cancer cases are due to rise to over 70% over the next two decades (according to the World Health organisation)  Whilst research into treatment medication for the disease will continue to advance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Personally I am aware of the importance of checking my breasts and looking out for any changes, or lumps and bumps, but not all people are especially men! It can be a rather embarrassing topic to discuss as lets face it no one wants to go to their local GP and get their bits out.  Which is why campaigns such as Movember play an important part in education, awareness and raising money for Prostate and Testicular cancer. More recently Lorraine Kelly from Good Morning Britain has launched a Check Your Chaps campaign.  An initiative aimed at reducing the embarassment around male cancers and educating men on spotting the warning signs early.  To join in the fun tweet or instagram your healthy pictures post check up (face selfies only!) with the hashtag #CheckYourChaps. To read more about the initiative click here.

If you’ve read this far and you don’t really know how to do a self check, then keep reading as I would like to introduce you to Sniffy Wiffy! Sniffy Wiffy is a family run company and the first company to bring the fight against breast and testicular cancer to homes and bathrooms everywhere.  The concept of Sniffy Wiffy came from a very ‘light bulb’ moment from the founders of Sniffy Wiffy. Breast Checking is easier when the skin is damp or wet, so why not develop a product with instructions on the label, and this is just what they did.





sniff 1

The best bit is that each female product sold Sniffy Wiffy donate to Coppafeel and each male product sold Sniffy Wiffy donate to Ballboys.  All of Sniffy Wiffy products  come in scents/flavours such as  Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Rose and Sandlewood and more.

To Shop the Sniffy Wiffy range click here

To Shop the Sniffy Wiffy range click here

Mrs J xx

p.s. Remember to Check your Chaps 😉

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