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Charlotte Tilbuy has got to be THE beauty guru of our time.  Having been in the beauty industry for over 20 years now, she really knows what she’s talking about.  She launched her own range towards the end of 2013 and her beauty products have grown a lot like cult following with me at the front of the queue.  Now if you’re not an avid beauty follower and have never heard of Charlotte before then don’t fret, here is a bit of info on her.

Charlotte grew up between London and Ibiza where her father was a painter. Being surrounded by so many inspirational folks who are into art, it was only natural that she would take a liking to makeup and the power that it had to transform a woman’s look.  Then through beauty school training and an introduction into the fashion industry, Charlotte’s fashion makeup artist career began. Over the years Charlotte has worked with some of the best fashion designers and photographers in the world.

To view some of Charlotte’s work, click here.

With all that in mind, needless to say, you are going to become somewhat of an expert into what beauty products women want and that’s all type of women: for instance, people like me who wear makeup daily but want to be able to create a different look each time they go out or people who don’t wear make up at all – the makeup virgins. Whatever kind of makeup user you are, Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup is made to be used spanning from skincare, complexion, eyes, lips, and tools.  So you can image the smile that I had on my face when this box of goodies arrived from the lovely people at Charlotte Tilbury!


Charlotte 1

Charlotte 2

Charlotte 3


Starting on a series of Charlotte Tilbury posts, my first review is going to be on the Goddess Skin Clay Mask.



About six months ago I had lunch and a few drinks with a lovely blogger friend.  Of course the topic naturally moved to beauty.  She had no makeup on and looked flawless, something I could only dream of. I asked her what her secret was and she said that every Sunday, she made time to pamper herself and that meant doing two face masks, one to cleanse and one to hydrate.  I did get into a slight panic as I barely sat still long enough to paint my nails let alone do two face masks.  But the proof of great skin was sitting right in front of me! Since that day, I have tried to do a face mask weekly and as a result have been building up quite a mask collection. So when I got the chance to try one of Charlotte’s masks, the competition was high!

The Goddess Skin Clay Mask is formulated on an ancient Mediterranean recipe. Combining gentle and nutrient rich Spanish clay, Almond oil, Rosehip oil and Frangipangi flower extract, the smell is divine! Unlike traditional clay masks, the formula dries kindly whilst moisturising the skin making it easy to remove with your hands and warm water (as no one likes having to scrub their face raw when removing a mask). Just after ten minutes of mask use (as cliché as this sounds) you skin does feel as soft as a baby’s bottom and for a premium brand, the Goddess Skin Clay Mask at £45 really is good value for money. A 10/10 from me! Now when is the full body version coming out Charlotte?

To buy the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask for £45 click here.

Here are a few more of Charlotte Tilbury’s best sellers:



Wonderglow Primer – £38.50




Film Star Bronze and Glow – £49


Charlotte Tilbury – £15



Luxury Palette The Golden Goddess – £38


What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products?

Mrs J xx



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