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Caudalie has become one of my favourite brands this year having discovered them towards the end of last year after I attended their Covent Garden store event (you can read my post here). If you read my posts daily, you’ll know that I try a lot of products and give my honest opinion on them. So, what’s so different about this brand and what gives it the wow factor? Well I personally think it’s how gentle it is on your skin and the clean and fresh feeling that you get after using their products. Being more accustomed to drinking grapes in the form of wine, I wouldn’t have thought that they would have been an ingredient that you could use in skincare as I tend to find that drinking wine can be very skin dehydrating. Oh how I was so wrong!

The founders of Caudalie are husband and wife, Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas.  After spending time on a vineyard and from meeting Professor Vercauteren, they discovered that grapevines and grape polyphenols provide amazing antioxidant properties. It was after learning more about the Caudalie products that I started using the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser and Organic Grape Water. Having now tried and tested yet another one of their amazing products from the range, the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask, I simply had to share.


The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is unlike other clay masks. Some can be really thick and gloopy and create quite a mess not forgetting that if like me you also tend to forget how long you have left the mask on, can be a bit of an elbow grease difficult to get off. Not the Caudalie mask which is pink in colour, true to its pink clay ingredient. It really isn’t anything like what you would expect a clay mask to be like. For one, it is in a tube and two, its make up is of a cream/ gel-like formula. Normally when I apply a clay mask, I use quite a bit as the consistency is always thick. But this being a gel formula, I would advise that you apply it to your face as you would a face cream. A thin layer really is sufficient enough to do what it says on the packaging. I also found that the mask only needed to be worn for a few minutes. While the clay, drying on my face and slightly changing colour, indicated it is time for it to be washed off. I didn’t really need to use a flannel to get the mask off as it was gentle enough to wash off using my hands only. It left my skin feeling fed and soft. Overall, it is a really easy mask to use, one that I will be adding in to my daily routine. I might even throw caution to the wind and do a mask before work!

If you fancy trying out this gentle Pink Clay mask then you are in for a treat! Mrs Jonas readers, save 20% off a 75ml tube via the link here.

Happy masking!

Mrs J xx

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