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Travel in Style with Lulu Guinness Luggage

If you have been keeping up to date on my blog then you will know that I’m going on holiday –  yay!  It’s a bit of a running joke in my family that me and my brother don’t actually own a suitcase and always turn up at our family home to ‘surprise’ our parents with a spontaneous visit (but really to borrow a suitcase).  This year I thought it was

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Camping – Sorry Glamping!

 So this weekend see’s the start of the Jonas’s making the most of the beautiful English countryside and the weather. We are Camping, sorry Glamping underneath the stars.  Being a born and bred Londoner I do have the tendency to break out in a slight sweat/panic about the lack of hot water and electricity. How will I keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? (much to Mr J’s amusement!)  Having

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Great British Summer has arrived!

Now some of you may be starting the day slightly confused as your mobile phone says one time while the microwave states another.  No you are not still hungover from last night, Mrs J can confirm that you have just traded in one hour of your precious weekend for an extra hour of daylight! What better way to take advantage of the daylight than going on a long country walk

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