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Aldi’s January Baby and Toddler Special Buy Event live now!

And just like a blink of an eye two months have gone by and I no longer have a newborn (or tiny baby) in my case, and I’m drawing near to the end of the infamous fourth trimester! So what have I learnt apart from my natural instinct to Survive and sleep? To stock up! It still baffles me to this day how such a small human can require so

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Perfectly Prepped with Mama Mio’s New Tummy Rub Scrub!

Being pregnant definitely makes you more aware of your skincare routine and of the products you use and the effects/reactions they can have on your skin or, even potentially, on your unborn baby. Now, I’m not saying that I’m not one to indulge in a bit of pampering as I definitely do. But what I can confess is that I’m lazy and often, time poor when it comes to actually

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Back by popular demand this August: The Aldi Baby and Toddler Event!

Prepping for the arrival of Baby Jonas has been a labour of love mixed in with some heavy lifting, sweat and some tears – yes, I’m referring to the highly overdue clear out of our spare room which, since the day we moved in, took on the role of study/laundry and natural dumping ground. So now with our lovely neutral blank canvas, tick tock shit just started to get real

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