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Bath Salts – a healthier and happier you?

 When you think of Salt, its usually the Salt and Pepper kind that gets sprinkled on your food. Have you thought about having Salt in the Bath?  I used to avoid baths as lets face it who has the time to soak in the bath for half an hour, only to come out like a shrivelled prune?  I certainly don’t!  But when my friend Nikki introduced me to the natural

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Herbal Tea Crazy!

So I’m a tea addict, but who isn’t really?  There is nothing like the taste of a good strong English tea, or a sweet milky Indian Chai tea to let the stress of the day ease away. My latest love for tea has been heightened by the mass variety of organic tea out there, all sourced from the highest quality organic ingredients.  Which for you tea lovers out there, that

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Juicing, Fad or future?

Juicing we’ve all had a go at some point in our lives whether its to fight the post Christmas bulge, give our body some healthy green nutrients post a summer of ‘festivals’ or just to use up all the left over fruit and vegetables that are about to go off.  The last option there referring to my mum – just don’t ask her what’s inside! My only excuse for not

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Mrs J Recommends – Trigger Point Massage Balls

Happy Friday everyone! Now this is a bit of a random post from me but here it goes – back pain! We’ve all had it at some point in our lives and if you haven’t, well I hate to break it to you but you probably will!  Im not a doctor even though sometimes I like to think I am (via a google search)! Having discussed my aches and pains

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