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Juicing, Fad or future?

Juicing we’ve all had a go at some point in our lives whether its to fight the post Christmas bulge, give our body some healthy green nutrients post a summer of ‘festivals’ or just to use up all the left over fruit and vegetables that are about to go off.  The last option there referring to my mum – just don’t ask her what’s inside! My only excuse for not

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Fox and Anchor

When Mr J suggested going to The Fox and Anchor for dinner with our friends I was slightly a bit concerned and had the image of an old 70’s style east end pub with great food and Dave the local perched by the corner of the bar (his spot since 1979).  I was surprisingly proved wrong! The Fox and Anchor is a great pub snuggled up a side road, a

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Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food

Picture the scene: It’s Thursday night and I know there is not food in my fridge!  Mr J is away in Dublin doing a speech, therefore no chance of sending him out to do the weekly food shop. The sensible thing here would be to go home via the nearest Supermarket and make something healthy, instead of going down the liquid meal route that can so easily happen with after

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Boomf, Alternative Easter Gift!

Are you looking for an alternative Gift for Easter, someone’s birthday, or for a special occasion?  Look no further than my recommendation for this week Boomf! What is Boomf? Boomf is a cool new company that allows you to use your instagram images and get them printed on Marshmallows! Requirements? An Instagram account How do I use Boomf? Sign up via Boomf  1. Sign into your Instagram Account 2. Choose

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Great British Summer has arrived!

Now some of you may be starting the day slightly confused as your mobile phone says one time while the microwave states another.  No you are not still hungover from last night, Mrs J can confirm that you have just traded in one hour of your precious weekend for an extra hour of daylight! What better way to take advantage of the daylight than going on a long country walk

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