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Mrs J’s Advent Gift Guide Day Twenty – The Magazine Subscription

Welcome to day Twenty!  Hopefully you are all waking up with a clear head today, unlike me who had far too many Mulled wines last night with my girl friends.  Following yesterdays theme of staying away from shopping in actual shops, today’s Gift Guide is about The Magazine Subscription – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!  With so many magazines on offer there is bound to be one out

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Mrs J’s Advent Gift Guide Day Nineteen – The Theatre Show

Welcome to day Nineteen. I hate to break it to you, but if you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping yet and don’t want to pay for next day delivery charges then time is rapidly running out. In an attempt to help you avoid actually going into any shops, today’s post is focused around the gift of a Theatre show.  With so many shows now in the West End when choosing

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Mrs J’s Advent Christmas Gift Guide Day Six – Hamlet

It’s day six of my Gift Guide, today you will receive no present suggestions I’m afraid. Instead I reviewed a North London production of Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’. *Image Source Hamlet is a story set on Christmas Eve of 1878, a passionate tale of revenge and murder delivered with a modern day ghostly twist. Told through the eyes of a young man haunted by the past of the tragedy that occurred

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Luisa Omielan, Am I Right Ladies?

  *image source from Soho Theatre site Ladies and Gents if you haven’t heard about Luisa Omielan then sit up and pay attention.  Last night me and my best friend Jess made our way to Soho theatre to see the hottest stand up female comedian around Luisa Omielan. A night that promised just what the doctor ordered laughter laughter and more laughter.  So who is Luisa  Omielan?  Luisa Omielan is

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World Cup BenePub!

Has the whole world gone World Cup Mad?  Yes, and if your not already immersed in Sweepstakes and themed Football parties then with only two weeks left, it’s time to get involved!  Me and my friend Sarah decided to do just that, but in our own pink fluffy world better know as the BenePub! Image taken from Benefit Blog   Image taken from Benefit Blog   Image taken from Benefit

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The Roof

So this weekend for date night me and Mr J decided to try out something a bit alternative to your typical show – The Roof (a recommendation from my best friend who when questioned on the show was giving nothing away!) Image taken from The Roof is Frauke Requardt and Davis Rosenberg’s third production, following the success of their other shows such as Electric Hotel and Motor Show.  Being

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