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Mrs J’s Advent Guide Day Twelve – The Novelty Gift

It’s day twelve of my  Advent Gift Guide and we have officially hit the half way mark.  Today it is Christmas Jumper Day in the UK, time to dress up and give back for a good cause.  If you haven’t bought your Christmas Jumper yet then don’t worry, why not get one now and bring it out on Christmas Day!  To read my post for Christmas Jumper ideas click here.

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Mrs J’s Advent Christmas Gift Guide Day Four

It’s day four of my advent Christmas Gift Guide and the temptation to eat all the chocolates in the Star Wars team advent calendar and replace it with a One Direction Advent  calendar is only just a little bit too tempting! Feeling like a slightly naughty child, panic starts to set in as I remember that buying gifts for our niece and godchildren is something that me and Mr J

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Baby Shower Options

So this Sunday saw the traditional activity of women gathering together to share their words of wisdom with the new mother to be! Mr J was quick to mock this union of women stating that it is clearly invented by the Americans to feed a consumerist society.  What he didn’t realise is that whilst the term ‘Baby Shower’ is a 21st century invention, the idea of showering the mother to

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