Can Seventeen make you Blush?

It suddenly occurred to me, as I started going through some of my older beauty related posts, that I’ve kind of by-passed some of my readers. Readers who may be a lot younger than me, trying to find out what suits their skin and yet may not want or be able to spend as much money on beauty items as I may do. So with that I decided to focus on a few of what I call as staple items once the base has been created; the base being foundations/powder blank canvas. So what are my staples? I don’t really have one! And, yet, sorry, but without the following, I feel totally naked! They would have to be: blush, mascara and a kohl eye pencil. Today I’m going to focus on blush!
What is blush? If the question ever came to mind, then a blush is usually applied to the cheekbone area to imitate a flushed or healthy glow. With so many different types – cream, powder compact, loose powder, rocks cream, and the variety of colour and brands out there – the choice is endless. Whilst I have my high end favourites, I’ve recently started experimenting a lot with high street brands as there are some pretty good dupes out there which could save you up to £30-40. And in all honesty, nobody would ever know the difference! In fact, 90% of the times that someone asked me where my eyehadow or lipstick are from, it’s not because they looked like they are a result of a spending splurge down the aisles of Selfridges but more of a saving down the aisles of my local drugstore, Boots!

So what does Mrs Jonas Recommend?

The Seventeen Blushes!


Firstly we have the Seventeen Rocks £4.99 from (The perfect dupe for bronzing rocks from brands like Avon, The Body Shop, and going really high end, The Guerlain Meteorites)


The SEVENTEEN Instant Glowing Bronzing rocks are so multipurpose! They can be used to contour, highlight or just bronze and give your cheeks a slight shimmer. As they are rocks, you have the choice of using a blush brush for a quick overall effect, or for a more intense look, use one rock individually to create your desired effect.
SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks can be bought here for £4.99.

Next we have the SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick! What is it a dupe for? Well the Bobby Brown Shimmer Palette that comes in at a whopping £4.99.

The SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick is four beautiful layers of bronzed goodness! Like its partner in crime, the shimmer brick can be used together or alone to contour, highlight and blush the face area. However, another use for this brick is the eyes! Yes, this brick can be used as natural bronzed eyeshadow. It is so perfect if you are lacking space in your makeup bag as this does the job of two or even three items.
The SEVENTEEN Shimmer Brick can be bought for £4.99 here.

What are your favourite bronzers? Have you found any good bronzing dupes?

Mrs J xx

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