Can Chocolate really be THAT good for you?

It’s January, the month of diets and healthy eating. Some people vow to give up alcohol and do ‘dry January’ while others decide they are not going to eat anything bad after over indulging during the holidays – and by bad I mean chocolate! So what if I told you that I had found a chocolate proven to actually be good for you with heaps of other benefits? You would probably think I was hallucinating. Well let me introduce you to Esthechoc, the world’s first beauty chocolate!


Created by the Cambridge Chocolate Technologies post ten years of extensive research, this functional dark chocolate boasting of skin-enhancing properties contains 72% cocoa combined with two of the strongest antioxidants known to science. Esthechoc’s creator, Dr. Ivan Petyaev, comments, “Esthechoc chocolate contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10kg of raw seaweed and more polyphenols eliminating free radicals than cocoa and 100 grams of dark chocolate. A daily dose helps the skin to regain its firmness, radiance and luminosity, and when regularly used, it protects skin against the ageing process.”

So what does Esthechoc actually do?

Well once piece (7.5 grams = 38 calories) eaten daily alongside your usual meals increases the levels of antioxidants in the skin, improving microcirculation to raise oxygen levels and thus slows down the skin’s ageing process.

Mrs J’s Verdict – Firstly, I have to start my verdict by saying ageing and skin ageing is totally natural. We must also not forget that ageing, whilst natural, is a long term process and many external and internal factors can affect it such as your environment, your lifestyle, diet, etc.

Then back to the chocolate in question. Esthechocolate is no different in appearance or taste to other dark chocolates that I have tried just that mentally, I know, it is better for me. One thing to note though is that dark chocolate is an acquired taste so it may not be for everyone. Esthechoc, unlike other chocolates, doesn’t leave an aftertaste and is strangely just the right amount. Do I feel any different? No I’m just a few days in but trials have shown that people have seen visible results in just three weeks. To learn more about Esthechoc ingredients, click here. At £35, this is not the cheapest chocolate in the world but definitely the first to combine beauty with a sweet treat! To buy a box of *Esthechoc, click here.

Mrs J xx

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