Camping – Sorry Glamping!

 So this weekend see’s the start of the Jonas’s making the most of the beautiful English countryside and the weather. We are Camping, sorry Glamping underneath the stars.  Being a born and bred Londoner I do have the tendency to break out in a slight sweat/panic about the lack of hot water and electricity. How will I keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? (much to Mr J’s amusement!)  Having been in the girl guides and taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh awards I can handle my own if push comes to shove.  Give me a map and a compass and i’ll get back to camp somehow!
But first things first here is my camping outfit for this weekend!
Glamping 2:

Tie top
£15 –
Maison Scotch cotton field jacket
£101 –
H&M high waisted jeans
£30 –
Hunter rain boots
£70 –
H M woven handbag
£10 –
Having worked out the important stuff like the weather and what to wear, there comes the challenge of actually packing for the weekend.  So while I was making my list I thought I would share it with all you Campers and Glampers! With the festival season in full swing and Glastonbury around the corner hopefully my essential and (extended) packing list will be of some use to you:
Mrs J’s Essential’s
Face Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Hand Sanitiser
Toilet Roll
Sheepee (festival purposes only, or if your just to lazy to walk to the toilet then give it a go)
Insect Repellent
Earplugs/ Eyemask
Sweatshirt/ Jumper
Wellington Boots
Makeup bag
Hat – for if it gets chilly and one for if its really hot
Rain Jacket
Marshmallows  – for the fire
Speakers/ radio for some tunes!
Tomatoe Ketchup – goes with everything!
Salt and Pepper
General Packing list
Tent (ground sheet if your tent is not all in one), Pegs, Mallet etc. Usually you can buy a tent that gives you everything you need.
Air Bed (for the Glampers), and Pump (bring extra batteries for the pump just in case)
Sleeping bag or Duvet
Lamp, torches
Clothing & Toiletries
Food Cooler/ Ice packs (tip buy your food on the way to the campsite so that it is cold or as fresh as possible)
Water bottles/Water Carrier
Washing up sponge and liquid
Tea towel
Kitchen towels
Black bin liner for rubbish
Pots, pans, serving spoons, tongs (all depends on what you are cooking)
First aid Kit
Swimsuit/bikini (if your lucky enough to find a site near the beach)
Bottle Opener
Candles – Citronella to keep the bugs away
Hair straighteners
External Phone Charger pack
So now that I’ve packed most of  my kitchen and bedroom into our car, I’m ready to Glamp!
Are you going Glamping this Summer?
Do you have anything I can add to my packing list?
Mrs J xx

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