Cambridge Satchel Company – Summer 2014

I had the pleasure last night of being invited to afternoon tea with Julie the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company at their Covent Garden London store. I personally was totally inspired by Julie and the magical story of how company started just over 5 years ago with a £600 budget and on her kitchen table.  Every detail of each Satchel down to the colour has a story behind it.  The style is simple yet classic and more importantly practical.  Julie has even thought about the design of each store, each with its very own kitchen table where you can imagine Julie sitting with her mother working on the design for their first bag.I love the fact that everything about The Cambridge Satchel company is quintessentially British.  From the logo of the Bike down to the manufacturing of the actual Satchels.
The new Summer collection take inspiration from typical Cambridge summers, think deck chairs and pimms.  The colour palette is based on floral peach pinks, Blue’s and Apple green’s.  All available in a selection on sizes ans styles.  For more information visit The Cambridge Satchel Company.
Here’s a few pictures of the night:
and a lovely gift from Julie 🙂
Mrs J xxx

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