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Imagine if you could create your very own Beauty Box…What would you have in it and what would you call it? Okay so I’m a bit of a dreamer, but hey, there is no harm in dreaming. Just imagine a MrsJonasRecommends Beauty Box! So whilst I’m just floating that idea out there into the universe, there is actually a way for me to make my own customised beauty box from a selection of products and brands via Latest in Beauty!

So how exactly does this work?

After clicking on BYOB (Build your own Box), you are presented with three options: three products for £8.99, six products for £12.99, or nine for £16.99. I, of course, went for the nine products option. I mean with so many choices, how could you not!? The build your own box section covers all products ranging from body care, nail care, makeup, fragrances, etc. The beauty being that each and every product you pick will be something that you want or like. A lot of the products are also either larger than your standard sample size or full sized. So  a win-win all around. Therefore, what’s in my beauty box?

Build Your Own Box Mrs J

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask – Out of all the face masks that I have tested out, I have actually never tried anything from Dr Organic. This mask is said to regulate oil and detoxify the skin. Great for that oily T zone!

Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm – I’m quite fussy about a lip balm and always have one to hand in every bag I carry! It’s great to see that this one has an SPF of 15 in it as we often forget that our lips can get burnt as well!

Exuviance Clay Masque – I recently have got into using Exuviance products and I do have to say they are amazing especially the bionic oxygen facial that you can read about in my Sunday night Bridal facial post. The clay mask I have never used before but this sample size is a nice introduction to determine if you want to indulge further in a full size product.

Bloom an Blossom Bath and Shower Gel – As I’ve been travelling a bit recently and have a few more trips up my sleeve, anything fragrance-free is ideal when battling with those pesky mossies. A tip for all my pregnant friends: this product is your friend; made without any nasties and being fragrance-free, it’s the ideal shower companion if you are suffering from morning sickness and have sensitivity to stronger scents.

Teeez Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer in Smoking Gun and Frosted Gleam – Okay so this is a bit out there, I know, as I usually wear a pink, red or nude when it comes to colours. But for those of you that are still reading this far, you will be interested to know that I have been studying for a professional qualification in beauty and that includes nails. So there is a lot of experimenting and practice of nails painting and designs going on right now and these shades are perfect to add to my building collection!

Caudalie Divine Oil – This is one of my favourite multipurpose body oils. If you haven’t tried it then please do. The smell IS divine!

Nude Progenius Rescue Oil – Another great brand of oil of which I have already used two full size bottles previously. It’s free of all the nasties and can be used day and night. This is the perfect winter companion and post-exposure-to-sun skin soother.

Yin Yang Gold Defense Moisturising Lotion – This was a totally new brand to me and the one that I was probably the most confused by. Why? The product packaging didn’t contain information on the actual product that I received so I guess I’ve got some homework to do! That aside, the sample size is perfect for just throwing in your handbag!

If you could build your own Beauty Box, what would you put in it? To build your very own or to treat someone special to their own customised box, head on over to

Happy Building!

Mrs J xx

*pr sample

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  • Wow that is a great selection. I think these boxes are especially goof for beauty bloggers looking for products to review, since the samples are decent enough sizes that you can try them out thoroughly.

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