Sunday Brunch: Buckwheat Pancakes

Sundays are all about Sunday Brunch! Whether you like getting dressed up and going out for it or are a bit of a master chef in the making and like experimenting and rustling up a feast (after you’ve had your morning coffee, of course). Me, well I’m somewhere in the middle. Sundays often start with a cup of coffee in bed, a magazine in hand and Sunday Brunch playing on the television (at which point I realise I’m hungry and don’t have any of the ingredients to make what I’m being shown). So in an attempt to be a bit organised and provide a recipe that is friendly for my vegan pals and super easy to make…ta-dah! May I present the slightly adapted Mrs Jonas style (as that’s all I had in the fridge) Buckwheat Pancakes recipe. Oh and for those of you who are wheat intolerant, don’t be fooled by the name buckwheat! Buckwheat flour is not related to wheat, it is in fact one of the most versatile gluten-free grains.

Buckwheat Flour

Mrs J’s Apple and Date Buckwheat Pancakes

(serves 8 people)


For the pancake batter:

1 heaped tablespoon of ground chia seeds

150g of Clearspring Buckwheat Flour

100ml of almond milk

300ml of water

Ingredients for the filling:

Remember you can use anything that you want, make it sweet or savoury. This is what I used:

3 apples cored and diced

organic dates (2 per pancake deseeded and diced)

organic maple syrup; as desired


Put the chia seeds into a small container or bowl and add equal amounts of water and mix together until the seeds turn into a paste form.

Next, put the flour in a large mixing bowl, add the chia seeds and slowly whisk the milk and water into the bowl to form a thin, runny batter.

Toppings – take a frying pan and add half a tea spoon of organic coconut oil. Once heated, add the diced apples and leave to cook for 5 mins or so until they soften and brown.

Take a ladle or a very large spoon to pour some batter onto a hot medium size frying pan. Allow the batter to cook for a few minutes or until it starts to bubble and rise and then (if you can) flip it over!

Once cooked, leave them all in a heated oven until you are ready to eat, or just dish up and eat away!



Send me in your Buckwheat pancake topping ideas! I think next time I will try a savoury version maybe some spinach and a poached egg!

*Clearspring Buckwheat flour is £2.59 for 375g

Mrs J xx

*the recipe above was adapted from the Clearspring UK website; view the original here.


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