Brow Artist Plumper by L’oreal

Have you ever looked at pictures of Cara Devevinge and wished that you hadn’t plucked the hell out of your brows as a kid and had thick defined eyebrows like hers?  I know I have!  Then you’ll be happy to hear that L’oreal have released a new wonder product that gives you eyebrows just like Cara – the Brow Artist Plumper.

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The Brow Artist plumper comes packaged like a mascara but with a small precision tip, eliminating the use of eye pencils, eyeshadow’s and eye brush’s.  Available in three shades: Blond, Dark Brunette and Transparent you can experiment with the bold and defined look, or stick to the more natural look.  Here’s what I thought of the brow plumper:

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Brow Artist Plumper by L’oreal

Brow Artist Plumper by L’oreal (Shade: transparent) – I’m not shy to a brow plumper and have been using a similar product from another brand for a few months now. My eyebrows are not that even so I tend to have to use an eyeshadow or pencil to fill in the gaps, products such as the brow plumper are a god send in the daily game of trying to make my eyebrows look even.  Having tried a coloured version of a brow plumper before, I thought I would test out the transparent shade and see if it did have the added ‘plump’ as suggested.  As the shade I had chosen was transparent, I knew already that I wasn’t going to be able to throw the eye pencils away just yet, but I’m willing to try anything that contains tiny plumping fibers to help tame those brows.

Userbility – 4/5. To use the brush you simply comb the eyebrow through the hair of the brow. The slim precision brush is smaller than a normal mascara wand and is easy to hold and use.  The one tip that I woud give is make sure that you have enough of the plumper on the wand before applying it to the brow to avoid the unpleasant scratchy feeling. The plumper solution itself is not sticky, shiny or thick to apply.

Packaging – 5/5. Packaged just like a mascara, the brow plumper is easy to use and easy to store.  The perfect fit for your makeup bag.

Value for Money 3/5.  At £5.99 the brow plumper is great value for money and a lot cheaper than other brow plumpers out on the market.  A great product to to buy if you are unsure how  to use one, or if you will be able to make one part of your daily routine. The only downside that there are only two colour shade options, which won’t suit all complexions.

Verdict – Whilst the plumper was easy to use and great value for money, I probably should have bought the dark brown shade to benefit from the full effects of what a plumper can do.  If unlike me you have perfectly full shaped brows then the transparent shade will work for you.  For £5.99 give it a go and let me know if you can achieve the Cara brow!

To buy the Brow Artist Plumper click here.

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Mrs J xx

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