Boomf, Alternative Easter Gift!

Are you looking for an alternative Gift for Easter, someone’s birthday, or for a special occasion?  Look no further than my recommendation for this week Boomf!
What is Boomf?
Boomf is a cool new company that allows you to use your instagram images and get them printed on Marshmallows!
An Instagram account
How do I use Boomf?
Sign up via Boomf 
1. Sign into your Instagram Account
2. Choose 9 Images
3. Fill in your delivery details, pay and Boomf your box is on its way.
Mrs J’s Point of View!
I got introduced to Boomf at Blogger fashion week, and the process was of signing up was really easy (apart from the fact that I couldn’t remember my password for Instagram and had to do the reset password option.  Which for me happens on a daily basis!) Then comes the part of choosing your images.  Find a Selfie or image you like and simply click and add.  The good thing about Boomf is that you can also print images of your Instagram friends, if you like me don’t have that many.  Perfect if your looking to create a box of sweet goodies for a friend or loved one.  Now here’s the money part! The cost is £12 so definitely a novelty gift, considering you can probably get a whole bag for 99p down your local supermarket.  However I know that if a Boomf box landed on my doorstep that would definitely put a smile on my face.
Here’s a few of my Boomf Images:
So whether you Roast them, Dunk them, or simply straight up eat them get some Boomf in your life!
Mrs J xxx

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