Get that perfect foundation colour with The Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops

If you’re a regular makeup wearer/user, you will know how hard it is to find that perfect shade of foundation or concealer. Some of you reading this may be thinking what on earth am I talking about when makeup shades have already advanced a lot in the last ten years. Also, there are now wider shade ranges available, especially on the darker end of the spectrum. Well, even so. There still is a struggle to get that perfect match and it is real. Hands up to those who have found that perfect match only to find out that the brand decided to discontinue it! Yes, we’ve all been there and it’s a frustration that our hunt begins again. So wherever you find that perfect shade from, you can’t disagree that as soon as you get a tan, you’re right back at square one again! So that’s where this post really starts as like some people who have a summer and winter wardrobe, I have a summer and winter “makeup wardrobe”. A darker tone concealer and foundation gets whipped out post summer holiday or as soon as that no makeup look stops working for me. But even buying a darker shade can be a bit stressful! I mean how dark do I intend to go?! I don’t want (I’m sure nobody does either) to have a face that’s 5 shades darker or lighter than the rest of me nor do I want to look orange. It’s a gamble and a lot of the time there is a lot of mixing of foundations going on, and looking back at pictures of myself I can now see that some really weren’t a good look. Then like a miracle, the shade adjusting drops came into my life! For the little expense of ten pounds per bottle versus the cost of a whole new foundation, I can continue to use my existing foundation and still get that perfect shade – even with a tan!



So what are these shade adjusting drops and how do they work?

The drops come in two set of colours: darkening and lightening. Each drop can be mixed in with your existing foundation colour to transform that ‘okay’ shade to the perfect one.

Darkening Drops – The black and red pigments in the darkening drops help darken your foundation whilst keeping its natural depth of colour. This is perfect to use with deep to dark foundation tones that need to be half a shade darker or if the ashiness needs to be stripped from the tone. To use, one drop equals half a shade darker.

Lightening Drops – The white and pink pigments in the lightening drops help lighten foundation tones whilst also neutralising any yellowness that may appear on the skin. Just the same as the drops above, one drop equals half a shade lighter.

Mrs J’s verdict – These drops have totally flipped my foundation nightmares on the head! No more wasting money or searching for that perfect shade. A few of the darkening drops and one of the lightening drops (if I’ve taken it a step too far) and we have our perfect match. The beauty of being able to constantly adjust shade is that as my tan fades – or if we are lucky to get some sun here and I am able to top it up – then the darkening and lightening drops will enable me to keep on adjusting my foundation on a day to day basis. No more orange face! Shhh…I’ll let you into a little secret! If you are into contouring then the darkening drops are great to use for definition as well!

Have you tried the darkening and lightening drops?

Mrs J xx

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