Blue Monday? Or not so Blue Monday?

Good Morning and welcome to Blue Monday!

If your waking up in the UK/ Northern Hemisphere you will know that today has been dubbed as officially the worst day of the the year, who can blame anyone for thinking that?  It’s grey and wet outside, the post Christmas bills are coming in and thats without factoring in the humanitarian crisis’s and political madness that are going on. I for one had a serious bout of insomnia last night, and am currently surviving on the three hours sleep. My new years resolution was to cut out or at least cut down on coffee, unfortunately today that is just not going to be the case.  The reason that I wanted to write about Blue Monday, or not so Blue Monday as I call it,  is that whilst sometimes whilst we feel things are not that great its a good idea to look with optimism for the positivity in life – giving gratitude can also make a world of difference for our mental well being.  So in a nutshell BE KIND to yourself and LOOK ON THE BRIGHTSIDE.  Below are a few ideas/ treats to make your Monday not so blue!

Call a friend of a loved one and have a chat! – When was the last time you actually spoke vs sending a text or whatsapp message?

Read a book

Have a bubble bath

Treat yourself to a pampering session

Watch a feel good film

Have a lazy morning – lucky enough to have the day off? Then get those extra hours of shut eye in.

Go for a walk

Do some exercise

Start listening to a podcast

Book that holiday! – everyone needs something to look forward to and January is that typical time when people book in weekend aways or start planning that trip to warmer climes.

Bake a cake – cooking can be quite therapeutic and who can say no to a homemade piece of cake?

Mrs J xx

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