For those that don’t know this week has been Blogger Fashion Week, and yes I have been a total nightmare to be around, so I’ll make this post short.  I think my male colleagues at work are happy that this event is finally over, but what they don’t know is that a blogger’s work never ends! We are like the undercover reporters always looking for the next blog material. Thank god I’ve had my Blogging Pal Northern Hannah attending the events with me.

Blogger Fashion week was three day event in London the first of it’s kind.  As a blogger it was great to meet fellow bloggers, pick up tips on blogging and learn about new products and brands that are launching or have just launched onto the market.  Each day was rounded up by a catwalk show of different brands showcasing their new collections.  With so many highs from the three days here’s a few of my best bits 🙂


One of my highlights was meeting the ladies from the Lash Bar, who were ready on hand to give us our perfect brows, using Hi Brow products!  One of their best sellers and recommended products for use at home to create those perfect brows is the Hi Brow compact.
Each compact comes with a brow colour of your choice, a reflective highlighter, a double ended brush and 3 flexible stencils to create the perfect brow!
Here’s Hannah indulging in a bit of pampering by the expert!
I However to it to the next level with a Brow extension!  Yes you heard right not a eyelash extension but a brow extension.  It’s the newest treatment on the block and great for filling in those areas that just don’t grow, less painful than a tattoo and not a eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil in sight.  If you want to be really daring you can always go for the Cara Brow!  The brows will last for 7 days to 2 weeks depending on if they are glued to the skin or hair.  For more information and prices contact Lash Bar.  Here’s a few pictures of the brow!
Mrs J xxx

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