Bio-Extracts your very own vegan skincare lab at home.

Taking a look at my bedside vanity area, it becomes quite evident that I’m not your typical one-potion type of girl. Long gone are the days when I would consider just using one face cream. Our skin goes through different stages throughout the year and not just in line with the seasons. Factors such as weather, pollution, hormones and lifestyle all play a part.  There are days when I class my skin as being ‘normal’ whatever that maybe (somewhere in-between oily T zone and semi-hydrated), or ‘dehydrated’ or just ‘dull’ (you get the picture I’m trying to paint here).  It is just the reason why I own a collection of lotions or potions as I like to call them! An expense, yes; a pain when travelling, yes again! And so I’m always on the hunt for that perfect skincare solution that is kind and natural to the skin. This brings me nicely onto one of my latest discoveries, Bio-Extracts – your very own home skincare lab system that allows you to create solutions for your own skin each and every day. Wondering how this lab system works? In two stages: first with a cream and then with a Boost which, when mixed together, create your bespoke facial prescription.

Starting with the bio moisturisers formulated with Bio-Extracts unique Multi-Lamellar system (a structure that mimics the skin’s own lamellar structure). Acting as a patch on the skin, it ensures that the skin stays hydrated. At present, these vegan moisturisers come in four options: normal, rich, light and delicate. I opted to test out the normal option as it was perfect for all skin types and with my fluctuating skin requirements, it would be the most natural face cream option. Now that I had part one sorted, it was time for part two: time to pick the organic face serums or ‘boosts’. What is a Boost? It’s a phospholipids-based delivery system that, when combined with the vegan face cream, penetrates deeper into the facial skin layers, regulating skin cell life. With nine options that you can view here, there is something for all skin concerns.  For me it was all about the hydrating skin boosters. So with that in mind, I opted for the following:

Bio-Extract Anti-Oxidant Boost – Great for days when you’re visiting a high pollution area.

Bio-Extract Ha Hydro Boost – Intense hydration via the high concentration of botanical hyaluronic acid, which is also great for any fine lines and wrinkles.

Bio-Extract Glow Boost – The late night rescue option…. as we all need one.

Bio-Extract Pore Minimising Boost – For the days when you really need that makeup to stay put providing a more mattified even skintone to work from.

Now for the nitty-gritty lab work or the fun part which has made me relive my chemistry school days! Taking your pot of chosen face cream, push down on the top of the airless pot where a precise amount of a moisturiser is dispensed (which is great for me as I always take out way too much). Then after inspecting your skin and deciding what boost it needs, take your chosen syringe and release one to four shots at a time on top of your moisturiser and mix and apply!

I’ve been using this combination for the past two weeks now and at first I thought it was going to be a bit of a hassle. But, I’m eating my own words as I love the fact that first and foremost, this is Vegan Skincare that actually considers that our skins needs can change on a daily basis. Next, I would say, that the dispensing option for the face cream is great – it means no wastage!  My one critique on the packaging would be that I’m not quite sure how I would work out when I was running low on the face cream without hitting the pan and have nothing dispensing out of the top. The cream itself and the boosts mix well together that at first I thought “oh no this is going to feel clammy or sticky on my skin” (which would then present an issue when applying makeup). But that feeling lasted about 3 seconds and both mixtures sunk right into the skin and dried very quickly and didn’t smell bad either.  With only two weeks under my belt, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated.  I’m hoping that the boosts last me until I go on holiday as the glow and hydro boost are definitely coming with me! To create your own bespoke home skincare lab and really tailor your routine head over

What would be your chosen boost?

Mrs J xx


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