Beauty Pie, my version of events

Beauty Pie, for those of you not in the know, is the new subscription service/monthly beauty box that brings you luxury beauty products at transparent factory costs. There are no middle men and no mark ups which means that the products do not come in any fancy sort of packaging but the quality of high end is all there! Sounds all a bit too good to be true? Well let Mrs J investigate!

Beauty Pie launched sometime towards the end of last year with rave reviews from beauty journalists, and some not so rave reviews from a few beauty lovers. Wondering where I sit in the mix? Well keep on reading! The Beauty Pie subscription offer to me is as clear as chips: £10 per month for a minimum of three months allows you access to a small but bespoke (expanding daily) range, that you get to pick and purchase from up to the retail value of £100 per month. The bonus here is that you only actually pay the factory cost which is a lot lower. There are additional shipping and handling costs but if you subscribe to other beauty boxes, this should be no surprise as they all have shipping costs. The handling costs probably exist but are not made visible and I can only assume here (even though I don’t like to) that these costs are hidden within the actual retail cost. Depending on how you look at this subscription, there are positives and negatives.

Let’s start with the negatives: a small range, limited spending and you can’t actually test the products out (not uncommon to online shoppers) but at the factory costs arguably is a risk worth taking.

Now for the positives:  this brand is founded by Marcia Kilgore, a beauty guru and the brains behind Soap and Glory and Bliss Spa, so you would like to think, knows a thing or two about beauty and how to sell it. Being that Beauty Pie is in its early stages, it feels to me like an exclusive club that I’m happy to be a part of and one that is still finding its feet. I’m a bit of a spendaholic when it comes to makeup and presenting me with a limit is not great! I noticed though that as I started filling up my online Beauty Pie basket, I had the opportunity to extend my limit! Dangerous…very dangerous and maybe this is the clever part to the model, the need to keep you coming back! Or perhaps, it’s just the fact that we are in a society where if we want something that we are very much likely to upgrade our subscription to get that massive bargain/savings on beauty products that we lay our eyes on. There also seems to be a wide variety of shades (i.e. they are catering for the darker skin tone such as mine) yet even to this day, I cannot see some well-known, high street brands achieve. So whilst we can all have an opinion, the proof is actually in the products. Below is what I bought and my initial thoughts:

Superbrow 3-in-1 Powder pencil in Hot Coffee – Great choice for my colouring and a super soft formula that glides on the brow easily. This doesn’t look like a product that will dry out easily, however, I would advise having a gentle touch when applying as this is not a pencil that requires any sort of force to apply. Still, I wouldn’t describe this as a powder pencil but more of a cream pencil.

Future Lipstick Satin in Knockout Pink – I found the colour too light for me as I prefer more of a browny pink, but it’s still fully wearable and glides on like silk. I’ve been wearing this shade for the whole day and it’s pretty much stayed on apart from when I’ve had a few cups of tea. Lips feel hydrated as well so double bonus. I can’t wait to try out some more shades.

Incrediblur Concealer in Deep 400 – Again a good colour match for me as this concealer is a bit more on the warm side so is great at covering up any blemishes. It’s in a retractable tube-like container vs my current concealer that is in a pot, which for me, along with the light packaging, means I can carry it around in my everyday makeup bag.

Moisture-Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in Love Nest – Another creamy formula here, and same comments really as the lipstick above. I bought this as I thought it would be a relatively good colour match to the lipstick I had bought and many that I already own. Beauty Pie, if you’re reading, it would be great if you could show good lipstick/lipliner colour pairings on your site to make it easier for people like me to get the correct colour match.

One Powder Wonder in Uberlucent Universal – This was the one product that I was a little unsure of. I thought I bought a mattifying universal powder when in fact, this powder is meant to be swept across your face to liven up your existing makeup, hide any flaws and give your skin that luminous glow. So I tested it out but I’m still not convinced that this is a necessary step/product. In terms of glow, isn’t that what a highlighter and bronzer are supposed to do?

Mrs J’s Verdict: Overall, for my very first Beauty Pie box, I can’t really complain. Like other subscription boxes, you can’t always guarantee that you are going to like every product in the box but being able to choose what you want brings you that much closer to that goal. I’m a fan of the simple lightweight packaging that reduces the overall cost for us. I actually think it looks quite slick and I’m looking forward to testing out some new products next month (I’ve been told the Pro Glow Highlighter is a must!). At present I have a three-month subscription and already have a wish list ready for my next Beauty Pie box. It will be interesting to see how the range evolves and grows in order to get me to re-sign up!

To learn more about Beauty Pie, view it’s current range or sign up, click here.

Mrs J xx

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“Beauty Pie, my version of events”
  • Hello Mrs J! Marcia Kilgore here, Founder of Beauty Pie! Thanks for the review! In fact, you can use One Powder Wonder either on top of your foundation, all over, before applying anything else (because it makes the rest of your makeup blend BEAUTIFULLY) or you can use it as a last finishing touch to perfect and soft-focus your whole face. We have 367 products launching this year alone – including amazing Swiss skincare- so hope you’ll find that you’ve got a LOT to buy, and a lot to save money on. At the moment, while we’re getting a handle on forecasting, we limit how much people can buy each month – so we don’t run out of product, and so everybody has a fair shot at trying a broad number of product options, but in the future, when we get a better handle on our membership growth rates, we’ll likely ease that up so you can shop all you want. (If you do the math, you’re paying about 10% of what you might normally on your products, so an ‘upgrade’ is almost like an additional mini membership for a month, where you hold a little more product for yourself, and we set it aside as if you are another member.) Hoping to not have to do this in the future, but we couldn’t figure out a way to make it egalitarian for all!) Thanks for the review. More pictures on people to follow (online and on social) and we appreciate you blogging about us!

    • Thank you for the comment and tips on the One Powder Wonder, I will definitely try it out straight after my foundation. Your comment has prompted me to go and pick out this month’s products (I already have quite the wish list). I look forward to seeing the brand grow from strength to strength, Mrs J x

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